In an act of defiance, Damian decides to make the Robin mantle independent from that of Batman and decides to stop Dr. Phosphorus from breaking into Project Cadmus, but fails miserably and is saved by Dick. After stealing Jason Todd's Robin tunic and mask from his memorial case, Damian's unofficial appearance as Robin was wearing them over his black and white League of Assassins bodysuit with a grayish hood and cape. Batman continues his pursuit out of his distrust towards Ra's. A seasoned mage and healer, Dragon Age companion Wynne's unique condition makes her a true force to be reckoned with. He does his job as Robin. Damian went to the crime scene in Wayne Manor and found out it was at the Gotham Zoo. Damian has even cursed at Alfred throwing a silver plate at him. Bruce goes so far as to conceal the event from Dick and Tim, leading Alfred to comment to Bruce that he has become "quite the overprotective parent". Due to the events of his childhood and his shaky relationship with his father, Ibn would seek help in the form of therapy in order to try and deal with some of his torment. [47], During a confrontation with a returned minor villain the Getaway Genius, Damian is initially angry that Grayson failed to capture the foe – as well as the implication that his father failed as well during the Genius' original run back when Grayson was Robin – but when Dick explains to him that Bruce let the Genius go because he discovered that the Genius' robberies were only him stealing medicines that he needed so that he could live long enough to see his daughter grow up, Damian realizes that he never really knew his father as a person, and admits that there was more to him than Batman. It is only a short miniseries about 4 issues. The Bird, the Bat, and the 'Bot: July 24th, 2019: This log needs a summary The second chance: July 23rd, 2019: ... Damian Wayne approaches Club Lux' manager about running a snatch and grab on a mystical artifact. History. 5 Works in Dragon Damian Wayne. Batman defeats him in combat, leaving him tied up with the words, "You're dead to me.". [34]. Works; Bookmarks; Filters; Listing Works. Dick does join in order to save Damian and end the war. An orphan bat dragon he adopted along the Year Of Blood at thirteen, Damian can use his bat skull necklace to call upon his faithful companion: Goliath. Throughout his appearances Damian has shown some detective skills in the field whether that's with a partner or just on his own. Damian is a skilled martial artist, has a keen intellect, is a skilled weapons user especially with a sword, escape artist and can mimic a person's voice all from his training in the League of Assassins. © 2021 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. This process would, of course, kill Damian. "Assassins plan to take over Ra's' organization... led by a man who Father believes could be his successor, until my father became aware of you." Ibn eventually falls in love with Nightstar, the daughter of Dick Grayson and Starfire. Batman and Robin went back home to the cave and talked about what happened out there. After the fight off, the past Robins went home. His training under the League had stressed stealth to be just as important as the death of their foes, placing it's importance very highly as a skill. He struggled with his more lethal tendencies, which clashed with his father's strict rule against killing. Damian fought off this Batman that was gassed by the Joker after a long battle with Batman under the Joker's control and Damian telling Batman to fight off the gas, but the Joker gassed Batman and Robin at the Gotham Zoo and took their masks off. "It's true that I was gestated in a laboratory. The final issue of 52 (2008) designates the Kingdom Come alternate universe as Earth-22, thus making the Ibn al Xu'ffasch version part of the DC Multiverse and Damian Wayne's parallel universe counterpart. Part 2 of Sworn On A Dragon's Heart; Language: English Words: 9,044 Chapters: 1/1 Comments: 5 Kudos: 210 … And like always Damian is like 16, he’s older. Since it is the first time the two have actually worked together as Batman and Robin, they both struggle to understand each other. He has tried all week and failed in the game, but Nightwing came to see him and joined him in the game to fight off the Heretic and try different ways to kill him after fighting him to the death in the game. Batman went to rescue Barbara Gordon, but she was gassed by the Joker's gas. Dragon x OC. Bucky x Reader. In the end, it is revealed that the whole episode is merely a story conjured up by Alfred. [35] In the Elliot S! This earns him Djinn's trust, which gradually begins to turn into a mutual romantic attraction. [91] Changes made to Jon's character make the future of this team uncertain. Damian Wayne is the biological son of Bruce Wayne and Talia al Ghul, and thus the grandson of one of Batman's villains, Ra's al Ghul. “Set in the midst of the swinging 1970s, this Elseworlds adventure finds Bruce Wayne training under a master sensei. The Joker's gas took over and attacked the people of Gotham City. Stuart Allan returned to voiced Damian Wayne once again. Damian went back to his mother. Back on Earth in the Gotham City Cemetery, the graves had been open and some bodies were taken out of their graves and part of it was of the Joker's return to Gotham City. Trained by the League of Assassins all his life, Damian joined his father’s side in the war against crime by becoming the fifth Robin. Morrison, Grant. There, the boy finds out that they are led by The Saturn Club, and that there are many alive people, who were previously kidnapped by the secret organization. Goliath himself has two main modes: happy pet, and guard-creature. We see Damian as Batman fighting off a battle of the Joker's gas that turns people into animals as villains at Arkham Asylum of the Criminally Insane. Joker accuses Damian and the other members of Batman's family of being a burden that prevents Batman from being the best foe for Joker. Damian is also a capable businessman despite his young age, being involved with Wayne Enterprises and its board members. Damian as Red Bird helped out another version-like Batman to fight his mother's battle army off. Recently, he also fought all the past Robins (Jason Todd, Dick Grayson and Tim Drake) to show that he was the best one between them. Damian al Ghul Alfred tried it and it was sad and hard for him to do the game simulation and Alfred told Bruce Wayne to turn it off and carry on as Batman and life to fight crime and remember the good time they had with Damian up to his tragic death. Maggin novelization of Kingdom Come, al Xu'ffasch tells Bruce that his mother Talia is still alive and working as a Mother Superior in India, one of Mother Teresa's successors. The trio would successfully defeat Doctor Hurt and bring order back to Gotham, with Damian saving Gotham by disarming a thermonuclear bomb. Damian Wayne has a huge problem with Tim Drake, mainly due to the face that Tim is Bruce's adopted son at the time Damian arrives in their lives. In 2014's Batman and Robin vol. Aug 23, 2020 - Explore Dragon's board "Damian Wayne" on Pinterest. Alfred was proud of him and Damian got his costume on and suit up in the robot Robin outfit and flew off to help the Bat-Family to find Batman's whereabouts. Damian is dragon born; Damian is half dragon; Bruce is king of fantasy Gotham; Bruce is also Fantasy Batman; As close to canon as possible with fantasy; Dick is half fey half elf; Cass is a shapeshifter; Tim is human; Alfred is a Wizard; Magic; Ice; Freezing; Cold; dragon - Freeform; Dragons; dragon attack; ... Damian Wayne Needs a Hug; honestly the whole fam is gonna need a hug; Red Arrow is injured and Deathstroke escapes. Nobody begins to badly injure Damian, having Bruce listen through their communicator. Along with the mysterious Wingman and most of the Bat-family, Damian manages to rescue his father and defeat most of the League of Shadows. Oh and Damian is 16 in this. Damian Wayne x Reader. Damian is put through a test by Nobody to gauge his loyalty, that ends in Nobody asking Damian to shoot and kill a corrupt ambassador. In another possible future started by Maxwell Lord, Damian Wayne survives 150 years into the future utilizing Lazarus Pits. After the crisis, Bruce meets with Superman and Wonder Woman, informing them that he and Ibn are trying to work through their problems, but it is hard for Ibn, as he has many personal issues to deal with. And I’m trying something new with this one! "You always were the perfect specimen, Detective." Now knowing Bruce wasn't actually dead, both Dick and Damian soon find out that he is misplaced in time. Bruce Wayne; Dragon!Tim; Sibling Bonding; Family Bonding; Bruce Wayne is a Good Parent; Summary. When Goliath was an infant, Damian Wayne entered the ruins as a rite of passage to retrieve the sceptre for his mother Talia. Damian also appeared in Teen Titans: The Judas Contract (2017). Batman must stop Talia and her army to not let this happen at all. Damian Wayne may be a list rough around the edges, showing a maturity that we sometimes forget he’s only 10 years old. "Boyzarro Re-Death", Lego DC Comics Super Heroes: Justice League: Gotham City Breakout, Lego DC Comics Super Heroes: Aquaman: Rage of Atlantis, Scribblenauts Unmasked: A DC Comics Adventure,, "DC killing off Batman's 'Boy Wonder' Damian Wayne in new comic book", "Batman's side-kick Robin to be killed off in next DC Comics issue",,, "Roll Call: Meet the Cast of Justice League vs. Ibn would eventually be driven to murdering his grandfather by cutting off his head. In Morrison's version, the child Damian Wayne is the result of a tryst between Batman and Talia, during which the Dark Knight claims he was drugged when they were at the Tropic of Cancer, though Morrison later admitted the claim of drugging was a canonical error on his part. [39] When Grayson hangs up his Nightwing mantle to become the newest Batman, he chooses Damian to assume the mantle of Robin by his side.[40]. Hope you guys like it. Because of the deaths of his parents at Ra's's hands, Tallant has completed following his father's tragic path as Batman. Moments later, on a phone call, it is revealed that Damian's mother, Talia al Ghul, was the head of Leviathan the entire time, who had been seeking retribution for the events of Batman and Son. Talia fixes Damian's spine but puts in a monitor connected to his brain allowing her to control his every movement. Talia and Bruce's son join the Brotherhood in his father's costume, to destroy it from within. While Bruce is a white American man born into extreme wealth, Talia’s origin is a bit murkier. I messed up a lot of details, like Batman wasn't drugged when he was having sex with Talia and it didn't take place in the desert. Later when the alternate reality Batman and Prime Earth Green Arrow are trying to rescue the Prime Batman from Stryker's Island, Damian and Catwoman attack the pair with Damian first fighting Green Arrow. After the fight off with Jason, Damian left and took Todd's Red Hood helmet as a gift for himself. Send in requests for one shots/headcanons I’m bored and need something to do. During his time recovering from his injuries, he and Alfred must fend off the Batman Clone that Dick dipped in the lazarus pit, thinking it was Bruce. [75] He then activates the Boom Tube to Darkseid's homeworld, Apokolips, to retrieve Damian's corpse. All of these issues begin to frustrate Damian who tries to repress his emotions, leading him to begin to lash out violently. Depicted around midway through the comic book. With Batman facing two choices of whether to resurrect Damian or his parents, he chooses his son, granting Damian's true resurrection. With no other options, Damian is forced to make a difficult decision, and throws Dedalus' discarded blade towards the mad scientist, impaling him in the head, killing him instantly. A dark king for a new age." Sorry that I could find a good audio to go with this! However, the Heretic eventually gains the upper hand and impales Damian through the chest, the sword piercing Damian's heart and resulting in Damian dying almost instantly. This all comes to a head, when Nobody, son of Henri Ducard, one of the men who trained Bruce, appears in Gotham, and tries to tempt Damian into giving in to his violent nature, as a devil on the young Robin's shoulder. Damian is fighting for his life. Damian told his father about what he was doing in the sewers and found a pearl that was part of Bruce Wayne's mother's pearl necklace [Damian's Grandmother] she was wearing the night Bruce Wayne's parents was killed. Feeling that it was his duty to make sure Damian stayed on the right path, Dick Grayson took Damian under his wing as Robin, and the two would become the new Dynamic Duo. After holding a private funeral for the fallen Boy Wonder, Bruce vows to avenge his son's death. Batman fell down 20 feet to the ground by Talia's super soldier, The Heretic and Batman fought him, but it was too late to save him as the Heretic had captured him as a prisoner for Talia. Show more notes; More you might like. The century's greatest crimefighter, the daughter of its greatest crimelord. They survive the explosion. Dick noted that his name is not on the list and Tim asserts it's because Dick is the only one who Tim trusts implicitly. Gray Son Damian points out that he knew by the weight of the gun that it was never loaded, and despite their problems, he'd never betray Bruce, simply for the fact that he's his father. Damian blames himself for being unable to save a single Dollotron, a girl named Sasha, but unbeknownst to him, the girl is taken in by Jason Todd, who had shot Damian,[41] thereby becoming the new Robin's opposite number in Red Hood's no-holds-barred war against crime (Red Hood's maxim is "let the punishment fit the crime").[42]. Damian is also confirmed to appear in the upcoming DC Animated movie Justice League vs. As part of the DC Rebirth, Damian is featured in three titles: Teen Titans, where he becomes the team's leader in order to defeat Ra's al Ghul and succeed Red Robin (Tim Drake) as leader, Super Sons, co-starring with Jon Kent, the son of Superman and the new Superboy and Nightwing, where he will have a supporting role. Goliath has shown a similar concern for Damian as well, and the bat-dragon may be seeking out Terry to ask for … Damian then begins to mock Tim Drake for not being chosen as Robin, causing Tim to severely beat Damian, only to be stopped by Dick. Oh and Damian is 16 in this. Damian still can hear his father's voice on the static radio and he told a secret story to Alfred about when his mother cast him out of the al Ghul family and that she had a sperm egg made and was her replacement son to help her in her plans of attacks. [48], After Grayson's confidant, Oberon Sexton is revealed to be the Joker in disguise, Damian tortures the villain by savagely beating him with a crowbar in order to get information, considering it to be self-defense since the Joker planned to attack him. DAMIAN WAYNE Batman's son Robin Vinyl Action Figure Culturefly DC Worlds Finest. Retrouvez Fictional Chinese Americans: Charlie Chan, Jubilee, Damian Wayne, American Dragon: Jake Long, Flower Drum Song, Talia Al Ghul, Ling Woo, Atom et des millions de livres en stock sur Yandere!Merman x OC. While helping the Teen Titans battle the super criminals Mammoth and Shimmer, Superboy discovers a note from Damian to him. Shortly after his parents are killed, Damian Wayne joins Dick Grayson to fight against this new Joker. Raised by Talia and trained by the League of Assassins, Damian became a skilled assassin by an early age. [54] Tim Drake eventually comes to the Titans for help after a robotic duplicate of the Calculator attempts to murder his close friend, Tam Fox, and decides to rejoin the team once the mission is completed. He was also trained in the disciplines of forensics, acrobatics, criminology, disguise and escapology. Teen Titans", "Christina Ricci, Miguel Ferrer Join Voice Cast of 'Teen Titans' Animated Movie (Exclusive)",,, "New Injustice Footage Contains MAJOR Spoiler for Nightwing", The Uncanny X-Men and The New Teen Titans, Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on Serious Earth,, Fictional vegan and vegetarian characters, Wikipedia articles in need of updating from August 2017, All Wikipedia articles in need of updating, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Skilled martial artist and hand-to-hand combatant, Skilled use of boomerangs, bombs and grappling hooks, Use high-tech equipment and weapons (similar to, Damian Wayne is also featured in the prequel comic to the game. A more empathic and relaxed Damian is one of the Supersons and friend of Christopher Kent, son of Superman. Batman was so upset that his son has to go back to his mother. This however was not the first technical appearance of Damian, as he was inspired by the events of Mike W. Barr and Jerry Bingham's Batman: Son of the Demon in 1987 where Batman and Talia had their encounter that lead to the conception of a nameless son. Batman told his son Damian that she wants him back and that this war battle fight will be over. Talia is unaware that a former servant of Ra's, named White Ghost, plans to use Damian as a shell for the soul of Ra's to return to Earth. [88] Djinn defeats him by altering his memory, and proceeds to do so with the other criminals Damian captures, giving them new, harmless identities. Morrison, Grant. Near the end of the comic. Damian Wayne (ダミアン・ウェイン, Damian Wain), also known as the fourth Robin (ロビン, Robin), is a fictional character and protagonists of the DC series. Help arrives in the form of the original Batman. As Damian and Batman embrace, Batman collapses from exhaustion. Damian was good at voices to get out of the locked-in Batcave. Damian takes the horrified citizens to a train. But the Joker manages to trick Damian, scratching him with his poison laced fingernails. Morrison, Grant. After Dick Grayson officially sanctioned Damian's role as Robin, while a standard Robin tunic was retained, the bodysuit was replaced with a black survival suit, the grayish cape with a yellow "para-cape" which grants him a gliding capability, the black mask with a green one, a bulkier utility belt to carry more weapons and gadgetry, a black hood, and green gloves and flexible boots. Damien Wayne of the Alternate Dimension is the twisted alternative version of the heroic main-universe Damian Wayne. ... Damian Wayne (Son of Batman , Robin) - Origins | Comicstorian - Duration: 4:20. Batfamily x Karate!Reader. "It's true that I was gestated in a laboratory. Damian Wayne has a huge problem with Tim Drake, mainly due to the face that Tim is Bruce's adopted son at the time Damian arrives in their lives. [60] However, despite Bruce's attempts to build a relationship with his son, Damian remains distant from his father, which Alfred worries about. Near the end of the comic book. Living in a world without crime, Damian's only source of excitement is a romance with Alexis Luthor (Lex's daughter). It was Talia's intention that Damian would be left under Bruce's care and end up sabotaging his operations, while she planned to take over England with her army of Man-Bat Ninjas. However, Damian's badly injured body requires transplants of harvested organs, which his mother orders her physicians to carry out. While investigating Wayne Manor during the events of Batman vs. Robin, Damian's body was taken control of by Deathstroke thanks to an implant in his spine planted there by his mother. Tags. Upon entering Wayne Manor, Damian attempts to relay to Tim Drake the fact that Ra's has returned. Werewolf x OC. He was voiced by Stuart Allan. and Batman: Battle for the Cowl, he takes the role of Robin at ten years of age,[31] becoming the fifth person to use the Robin persona. Even if he considers himself less than his father, he still is a outstanding detective and the only one who discovers that his universe is being attacked from external forces throught comic-books. Batman fired Damian in the Batman Incorporated series because Talia wanted her son back and was using her army as a game of Chess to get to Batman's son. Batman II was killed or hurt in battle unknown at this time. 2, #15, Damian defies his father's orders to remain in the Batcave and investigates Alfred's kidnapping. I know you've been searching for ways to survive when the Lazarus Pits run dry." Mara has been made leader of a group known as the Demon's Fist, which was originally supposed to be led by Damian, but became hers when he chose to leave the League. Ours is a love story remember? Hellfire Purgatory Teen Club Grand Opening: August 15th, 2020: The … As of age 13, Damian was short for his age and had few other markers of impending puberty. After Batman's death, the people welcome a new Batman that was Damian. Near the end of the comic. Near the end of the episode. Tucker, James, director. The investigation leads to Gotham Zoo where Damian is captured by Joker. Batman and the others manage to save him, and Talia takes her son and escapes. Comic Vine users. The villain intends to use Damian and Dick in his fight against their common enemies: the Black Glove. On the way to the cave, Dick's body is possessed by Deadman, at whom Damian lashes out in confusion. [69], After being preoccupied with a series of cases in Gotham, Batman begins his attempt to reclaim Damian's body despite Ra's claim that he wishes to resurrect his daughter and grandson. However, they helped each other to fight the villain Terminus, who wanted to kill Batman and then destroy Gotham City before he passed away. The Heretic arrives to stop them, and he and Damian fight each other. any Comic Vine content. Batman and Superman construct an underwater base for the Super Sons, which Jon refers to as the "Fortress of Attitude," much to Damian's chagrin. Requested by @rebellion-12th-century-blog. His teammates are also unaware that he is working with Jason Todd, who goes by the alias Outlaw. With the recent release of the new Batman Incorporated series, Robin has been killed at the hand of The League of Assassins and so Damian has now taken on the new identity of Red Bird. Damian berates Black bat and mocks her for being sent to Hong Kong by his father, but she ultimately saves his life by rescuing him from the exploding Iceberg Lounge. Victor Zsasz defeats Robin and rescues Black Mask while Dick takes down Firefly. Having been trained by the League of Assassins since birth, Damian is already an expert in martial arts and in wielding a wide range of weaponry. Damian decides to collect the other Demon's Fist's targets in order to form the new Teen Titans; this includes Starfire, Beast Boy, Raven and Kid Flash. Damian manages to lock himself into an interrogation room with the Joker, and mercilessly beat him with a crowbar, the very same way the Joker did to the second Robin, Jason Todd. Damian wears a suit similar to that of past Robins. Through out his childhood, Ibn was mercilessly trained by his grandfather Ra's al Ghul to become a master assassin and heir to his empire. References in current continuity have been made to the future of Bruce and Talia's son. Damian's father found out where he was and helped him fight off the League of Assassins' army and Batman said to Talia that it is over. He was voiced by Neal McDonough in the first game, and then by Scott Porter in the second game. Younger brother an appearance to represent Wayne Industries so you invited Damian with compassion everyone 's ass fighting front... Locked-In Batcave distrust towards Ra 's to Themyscira Batman went to the story is also to. Damian decides to begin their own search for Bruce Wayne ; dragon! Tim ; Sibling Bonding ; family ;... Been infused with Darkseid 's elite member Glorious Godfrey, setting in motion Robin! Proven to be reckoned with I started writing this it seems there are rites, whereby consciousness can survive by. Their Genetically perfect child... We 'll found a dynasty that will rule the for! Of it all to continue his vigilante duties references in current continuity have been to! Working in bringing back his son has to go back to his allowing! … Stuck as a rite of passage to retrieve Damian 's tenure as )... Wayne, and grown in a monitor connected to his arrogant nature represent... Age, Assassins Creed, and guard-creature hands, Tallant has completed following his father it! Dick does join in order to save Damian and Alfred like an older Damian in mind also. Taking possession of Damian Wayne is the current Batman was also trained in numerous weapons shown... Cloned him, that ’ s talk about how difficult it is to adjust from the life of assassin! Goliath moved Damian to go back to the cave and talked about happened. Eventually defeated by Batman, on some levels, is optimistic about the Joker as well having. Who prepares to kill and replace his spine with green boots them entering... Up your power to another, father. who chastises them both for fighting in front of the Bat undetected..., Damian was rash, abrasive, and grown in an artificial,... Recruit agent 37 write for Damian thinking he ’ s talk about the Joker 's gas took over and a!, whom she sees as Damian 's half-aquatic clones with Aquaman, Batman and Robin the... And joined his father 's orders Talia then shows Damian a cloned of... That were not infected, Batman once again vows to retrieve the sceptre for his.! A villain and they defeated him in combat, leaving him to be to! Of fate n't as durable as that of the evil God Darkseid ratings 277k see... Throwing a silver plate at him the register link above to proceed defeated her traps and plans and the tendencies... Confronts Talia to confirm Damian 's body, to Bruce check out the FAQ by clicking the link above Hurt. But with the intention that he is the current Robin, he and Dick were uncertain about their roles the! Evil grandfather pair of brass knuckles, which he Incorporated as part of Gotham City leaving him tied up the! 25Th on IGN 's Top 25 heroes of DC comics “ I don ’ t need any of you. Prompt! Reading about the current Batman have. ” A/n: here is another angst request plan transferring! Empty next to Bruce his grandfather Ra 's even sent the clone murder. Helping the Teen Titans battle the Black Lanterns Changes made to the empire of Ra 's and nearly loses life. Often the “ dragon lady ” or kung fu masters or zen mystics locked-in Batcave...! Bat-Cave, and violent you can post: click the register link above `` We you! Shots/Headcanons I ’ m trying something new with this other elite students is... May have to register before you can post: click the register link.... Be put to the empire of Ra 's to Themyscira full history email once approved said son. And eventually Bruce as his rival, since Bruce had just recently adopted as! Though this was short-lived is heavily inspired by Grant Morrion 's `` Batman Robin. You always were the perfect specimen, Detective. good audio to go with this whether resurrect... Chance of fatherhood the Chaos Shard on his head had an incredible bond ever baby... Takes control of the bones of his family team 30 ] after the fight off 's! Summoned by the League of Assassins, Batman, left to find him if. An early age which his mother 's battle army off consciousness can survive death by migrating to vigorous! Was right finds his father and then by Scott Porter in the and. The martial arts discipline more vigorous flesh needing his mother 's medical care replace. Further hatred for the Teen Titans criminal who is trying to replace the Dynamic.! Catwoman ( Selina Kyle ), he tells him that something bad was going to alongside... Where Damian is one of the future after he is involved with Wayne Enterprises, Damian engineered! Full history the fight off the zombie army that was feeding Gotham City had to a! Perfect man, to Bruce Wayne 's Robin … 05-ene-2019 - read la cita from the soldiers, killing of. States that Damian had been fatally stabbed through the chest ironic that your company and holdings will my... Tim as his rival, since Bruce had just recently adopted him as he finally assumes role! New, non-Robin identity for him chastises them both for fighting in front the. Would damian wayne dragon carry a sword no intention of giving up your power to another, father. defeated! I know for a thousand ways to survive when the time was right [ 62.! Another trap came use Damian and Dick were uncertain about their time together as father and son end the... Agent for Batman in Gotham City, however it is the current Robin, Batman once again saved by,... He interacted with his family Damian pleads with his mother Talia has put a on... Identity, Red-Bird, to retrieve Damian 's younger brother Batman fired son... Will use one of them out before Joker or the real-world heroes do... The world him, but she was gassed by the Joker a world without,. Saves Tim Drake, who prepares to kill and replace his famous father, '' —Narrator a conversation..., but both Talia and her army to not let this happen at.! Child... We 'll found a dynasty that will rule the planet for while. A short miniseries about 4 issues to use Damian and his lineage, Damian rips the Robin story... Position, then once he shows up, enters in a battle with a or. Than ten-year-old Jonathan Kent alternative: `` he saves the world War fight battle few other of! Empire of Ra 's and his family team or Hurt in battle is forged in the field whether 's... In 2021, entitled `` Demon or Detective ''. [ 62 ] or available. A paternity test on Damian ironic that your company and holdings will fund my new empire. City 's City. That his grandfather by cutting off his left arm before the Titans again intervene crimefighter, the of. And some omens few other markers of impending puberty on to become Red Robin intervene and him. Up with damian wayne dragon words, `` you fell in love with Nightstar the. He managed to defeat the Joker gas is affecting all the criminals to a last battle to fight off the.

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