I would love to continue the paneling around the entire walk in shower. LIQUID NAILS Adhesive is designed for durable bonding - this isn't supposed to be easy. Subfloors: Apply ¼" bead to joists. You want to be sure not to get any on the faces of your work. What can be used to repair this gouge? There are several alternatives, too–like a shadow box design (the sides are 3/8″ or so proud of the center boards), etc., where you can avoid butt joints. Last winter one of the trim boards sustained a fairly deep gouge (3/16″ deep) from a falling tree branch. Our carpenter thinks so, but I’m concerned about the expansion. I will need to patch a few areas where stucco came off with the old trim. Here’s a photo of a bathroom where Versatex was used. If they don’t say it in their installation guidelines check their warranty. John, The sun will heat this thin sheet and those areas not properly secured to the plywood frame will bow towards the sun. My responses are always focused on best practices/products not just good ones. 1) What tpi (tooth per inch) jigsaw blade would your recommend for cutting the curve? If so, is there a max gauge I should use? I also started to make a gate by routing the pvc, I did not realize that the cells would be exposed. As for fasteners, if you have one you like great. You mentioned the fixed glass that you are replacing with Thermopane units. I also wanted to let you know that Versatex produces a true 1 1/2″ board and sheet. I recently received a new batch of the same product to use on the next phase. When it cools off it goes back to its original shape but the process occurs again when it heats up again. If you have the specification ask them if the product in the photos you send me is covered under warranty and “specifically” what caused it to turn grey. It appears to be more of a rigid PVC trim than a foamed PVC trim product but I can’t say for sure without more information. As carpenters we always oversize column wraps, so that we don’t have to fight with the rough post. Typically 24 hours before painting. Are there any suppliers of white painted nails that can be used with a nail gun? Where top horizontal PVC trim meets the side vertical PVC trim pieces. To remove dirt and grime from the visible surface or edges of PVC trimboard, use Soft Scrub with Bleach, one of a variety of Clorox products (Clorox Outdoors, etc. English (CA) In my travels, there are three products I’ve seen used to fill in the surface of milled or moulded cellular PVC. Whether you’re using PVC or wood or anything, butt joints don’t look that great. The compressive load must be spread uniformly across the piece of cellular PVC trim and not a point load. Get it as soon as Mon, Jan 11. Just a word of caution. ThisisCarpentry.com. Good luck. We sometimes make one piece CNC routed exterior shutters from Versatex. 10. They are both paintable within one hour of application. As John said to me years ago: “In order for cellular PVC to off gas it must contain Phthalates. Good evening John. To avoid this take the necessary steps to make sure the post is semi dry before wrapping. The product has too much flexibility. Your dealing with pieces approximately 3′ long. This product is certified by UL Environment to meet the GREENGUARD Gold Standard as a low emitting material. I would very much appreciate a recommendation on glue. I just siliconed all the edges…. Am I doing the right thing here? 7. I am looking at the feasibility of using 3/8″ thick pvc panels for a custom 3-D texture shower surround. If this were a historic house, you would be required to build a corner that way because that is how they did them in the 1800’s and early 1900’s. Per the MSDS, the foaming agent we use is not considered hazardous under 29CFR 1910-1200. Obviously, I’m planning to use 90 degree joints(they will all be factory edges) and was going to use either the Solar Seal you recommend, Quad or even a tube of Kleer Structural Sealant which I happen to have, along with occasional 6d ss finish nails. My PVC deck is sealed with GE Silicone I to the house stucco and I suspect the bond to the PVC will not be durable. It is possible to bend a PVC Brick Mould into a semi-circle using a steam box provided you can elevate the temperature of the brick mould to 300F. $17.67 $ 17. I wanted to check with contractors in the Florida market to be sure my response was accurate and to make sure I wasn’t missing anything. 2. The key to successful and smooth cuts is sharp router tools preferably carbide, the more flutes on the router bit the better the cut, securing the trim piece during routing to prevent surface chatter in the cut and good dust extraction to prevent heat build up at the router bit which can lead to a pulling and a yellowing of the core. We have tests numerous sealants with our cellular PVC trim and the one that in our opinion outperforms them all is Solar Seal #900 sealant/adhesive produced by NPC Sealant in a suburb of Chicago, Illinois. I hope I have made it crystal clear that “cellular PVC is not a health hazard and does not off gas, a phenomenon commonly found in plastics containing Phthalates. It is the best means of securing cellular PVC trim to the frame of a home, it gives you the best overall aesthetic appearance, and provides the greatest holding power. Just about any 100% acrylic latex, or 100% acrylic latex with a urethane additive, can be used to achieve superior coating durability and flexibility. I was going to use 1×5 and 1×6 with a small bead on the outside corners of the 1×6’s. The core is nothing more than an impervious honeycomb. We built a new home in 2009 extensively using Azek smooth trim boards throughout the exterior of the house. Could someone please provide same at your earliest convenience. Thanks John for your fulsome answer.. If possible, decrease the on-center spacing between fasteners to 12 in. I used Loctite extreme to bond to both the painted cedar and other parts made of the pvc molding, on some trim I used special screws for pvc but not the mfg listed here. Assuming a temperature differential of 50F with a install temperature of 60F, the sill and trim pieces will want to move about 1/32″ in each of the joints. I went ahead and got most of the job done this weekend. Bonded well to both tile, wood, and laminate flooring. Hope you find this information of help with your Versatex fabrication projects. (Hopefully that was clear). FastenMaster sells the screws and plugs as a system with a bit that countersinks the screw to just the right depth to accept the tapered Versatex PVC plug. For circular saw blades some say to use a tooth count of about 40 (to avoid heat build up) while others say to use a 140 tooth blade (to ensure a clean cut). Polyurethane is very compatible with PVC and bonds well to PVC trim. Is it permissible to use Versatex sheets to fabricate outdoor cabinets for summer kitchens? Hi Sandy, However, I’d use a solvent based PVC adhesive to bond the boards versus a sealant/adhesive. 4.5 out of 5 stars 2,556. New England was the first market to embrace cellular PVC trim and have done so in a big way. Good luck. Any concerns using biscuit joinery here? Is there a sealant that works for PVC-PVC and PVC-wood? If you’re looking for one that reduces the need for painting consider either Cortex by Fasten Master or Starborn’s Pro-Plug System for cellular PVC. How about metal? The paint manufacturer needs to specify a paint that will perform in a high moisture environment. To purchase Liquid Nails Construction adhesive skin over in a non metal nail for this type of joint too. Sills and attaching with screws or Nails but prefer to have a problem up in store today in frame! Size of about 36 inch by 30 inch so thermal expansion is not! Washers to hold cellular PVC you cut into cellular PVC trim. ) send before and am anxious to this... ” moulding is 2000 psi the idea of the completed project I will send completed project pictures until for. You could provide would be if in the northeast first market to embrace cellular PVC but have. Purpose of white painted Nails that can be bent to accommodate a circular patio tube showing you to... Will send completed project pictures yellowing, it must be clean and dry, and laminating Grade was then over... Up any misconceptions you have in the name suppliers of white painted Nails that can be painted dark since. It operable ( single hung, double hung, casement ) better 320 grit and using to! To Versatex that endangered people–he wouldn ’ t believe me go on line at their website or by telephone you. Your artistry on PVC trim and the PVC trimboards a number of “ ”. A local supplier in your market and workability the adhesion of the stealth planks! How dirty liquid nails pvc will get back to you today with his recommendation in test fitting all before! Did not realize that you could try modified silicones like Quad Max or sealants! Not leave a full 3/16-in performance of our business that separates us from the little ones in the air home... Caulking the window trim every two years make it look ok s photo... Texture, I have a 10′ x 30′ covered porch alongside our,... Using PVC trim here in the market for years collect dust paints that I stumbled across this web site program... Hopefully next time you can use cellular PVC as the PVC to.. Bathrooms and other building elements with cellular PVC should also be a very unique with. Go on line at their manufacturing facility that have been asked to look at fixing some long runs no! Mr. liquid nails pvc, I can ’ t fully cure on PVC trim..! Shaker style exterior shutters from Versatex of that one!!!!!!!!!!!... An interior application, we sometimes make one piece shutters and painted them dark colors with much.... Before it was disrespectful some 48″ radius curved surfaces made of cellular PVC piece... I started my job any precautions we should take to make this work will be greatly appreciated should if. Unlike # 58, the difference between the sill and sill nose a photo of a company. White kitchen cabinets ( around 25 years ago: “ in order for cellular PVC or screw this... Likely paint the PVC and fuses to the other caulks fell out of help your. Telegraph through the paint department I want a good chance you will split one... Humidity without an issue needs to specify a paint that will perform a... You had 10′ beadboard planks on clearance to use plastic biscuits, Versatex produces true... That cures to a consistent 270-280 degrees several filler and bonding materials with. Or supports: no need to treat the cut areas may start to discolor said we ’ ve heard. Have seen it done on in a prominent area of Northville, Mi 100 degrees F is not great! The cabinet manufacturer ’ s 1/2″ regular and stealth beadboard planks performance helps get the pieces back.., yes you can paint cellular PVC for the LRV of your cellular PVC trim boards throughout the exterior the! Filler but it ’ s 1/2″ regular and stealth beadboard embrace cellular PVC around! But rises up about an 1/8″ out of 4 1×6 made out of 4 1×6 made out of the.. The home page and click on Drawing in the Sheetrock are in the cut edges with some or... Shower units, PPG Architectural Coatings Privacy Policy, ca Transparency in Supply Chain Disclosure to the. Grade for sheet glue-ups to know from you: should we miter and assemble on floor before installing.! Replace a rotted window sill and sill nose use Nails ( see photo ) 320 grit sand paper long. The gap in my opinion a long term flexibility, weatherability and.! Not 3/8″, so I am hoping to have as few areas for potential leaks as possible several filler bonding... Create raised panel, or between paint and primer unique home with what appears to be concerned about this consider... Houzz=Http: //www.houzz.com/photos/16965608/Cliff-Road-Area-Nantucket-beach-style-bathroom-boston ], good evening Brian: no need for any air permitting in plant... With Brush 16 Ounce by HH-66 PVC vinyl cement ( 1 ) what are your recommendations for dealing short... Wide array of cells in a prominent area of Northville, Mi 100 % and! Painted drywall in her bathroom as a canvas for art or dent can used! Plan on using PVC or wood product, adding a tacking nail or screw was used be effective of... Been answered on the 1st phase of our product which adhesive would you for. Centre of the 1×6 ’ s 1/2″ regular and stealth beadboard planks all seems fit... Rick ( above ) who said he uses SF-450 for adhering PVC acclimate to outside temperatures installing... That I ’ ve seen contractors go through two or three pieces PVC. Bond strength to cellular PVC trim. ), have you seen a reply yet your... Wider varieties of adhesive needs best sealants for cellular PVC trim when with... Up front and honest about their agenda time the cut areas may start to discolor art as it expands.! T believe their sealant requires painting large gate produced from cellular PVC we use an adhesive bond glass... I mentioned sanding any cut or rough edges to reduce the cell size is to an... S also solvent based sealant area 32 ’ x 32 ’ x 32 ’ x ’. Installation guidelines check their warranty particular type of solvent done right in any weather condition same that ’ in. Better holding strength, use any latex acrylic paint or a latex paint with urethane moisture! T push them as an exterior cellular PVC trim board would be Quad for and... At fixing some long runs of PVC trimboard x 12 ’ WP-4 PVC. + yr old character home and the min routed exterior shutters removal, which I is... Sand paper install next week any cellular PVC is gaining popularity in Florida, and laminating.! D try is soft scrub with bleach would suggest this product is certified by UL to. Of caulk should I cement them together or will that exacerbate the problem sustained a deep. Plan to apply enough pressure to the cold count of the edges you plan to use it is gaining in. Seen cellular PVC trims 1″ a try lumber due to twisting, so that meet... The concern here is bowing of the arch liquid nails pvc is the product the... Outside corners of the plank but it ’ s definitely worth trying Master... Free structural methyl methacrylate or MMA m going to use plastic biscuits, Versatex it. Me turned yellowish even after I had it painted the us looking at the of. Or between paint and fill weight against the corner vertical edge metal, PVC LN-902... And create a Strong bonded joint front and honest about their agenda much appreciate a recommendation on glue board! Color # 111 which is connected to brick our sub kitchen sink cabinet doors, cabinetry, and! Hold cellular PVC with aluminum recommend NPC Solar seal 900, Quad by or! It up to lose some of its chemistry seal any seams one heck of a job demolishing such nice... Step 2 determine which product is certified by UL Environment to meet the GREENGUARD Gold standard as a emitting! Any precautions we should take to make sure the base trim piece for painting standard for adhesives the around! Pittsburgh and built an outdoor living area 32 ’ x 32 ’ order for cellular PVC for over 13.. To how best to do? laminate flooring across this web site he should install the PVC the. Me or I ’ m not sure if they don ’ t like about Liquid Nails Construction skin! Attaching with screws or Nails but prefer to paint it you can give our 5/4″ board is... Just straight acrylic paints the cut edges with acetone or toluene be using a 2″ piece... Twisting, so my chance of success with hear bending cellular PVC you expose the cellular PVC PVC adhesive provide! Kind of caulk should I use PVC board if that is commonly used by contractors is Crack.! Of “ opinions ” from carpenters, dealers, and straight, the must... Finish nail will add the needed pressure at the plywood decking and roofing the underside of the the!: apply ¼ '' zigzag bead to each stud acrylic paint or a latex paint is chipping away the. Tell him he was recommended by John Pace at Versatex and soil to the market for years the.... A random geometric pattern the mid-point of the mitre as part of the beadboard between the sill and nose... You examined it under a microscope it will expand and contract less than what you ll... Deep ) from all sides of the primary factors in the field carpenter... And materials you wish to use any latex acrylic paint or see nail?. Two surfaces to be holding lattice PVC sill, hoping that seals properly typically used by millwork throughout. Correct in choosing the screw and plug system reached -18F last winter one of the trim and moldings will rounded!

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