Kill them but do not proceed into the shrine, because inside there are two more dremora , one mage and one warrior, that you can kill and reanimate in case you lose the two dead ones you have outside. She is only permanent if grave robbed. Uses Ice Storm primarily with shock spells as back-up. Over. Well, if you have a dead thrall, you'll hear it quite a bit. Now, if you give these thralls staffs that conjure Flame Atronachs, Frost Atronachs, Dremora Lords, etc., they each can raise one to fight with them. All you need to worry about is having enough magicka to cast the spell. If you thrall is still there once you get back, there is a really good chance that your thrall is permanent. Generally, if you want to test if a corpse is permanent, you'll have to wait a full 30 days to be 100% sure. If two Flames spells are not dual-casted, but instead are cast in each hand at the same time (or roughly the same time since the dual-casting perk makes this impossible), the damage should be around 16 or so a second. Most cells reset after 10 or 30 days, depending on how it was programmed. The Flame Atronach does not possess this ability. These are the only damaging elements you can put on your weapons, these are the only damage reducing enchantments you can put on your gear (not counting the general magic reduction), these are the only magical attacks enemies will use, and these are the only damaging magical attacks that you can use. Aside from the soothing crackling of fire from your Flame thrall, or the thud of crunching ice underneath your Frost thrall's feet, or the quiet sound, that can be best described as having a sound akin to thunder but closer to the volume of someone speaking softly, that emanates from your Storm thrall, they are completely silent. Most enemies in the game have very little armor rating, so this isn't a huge problem, but it should be taken into account all the same. You can also wait for about 30 seconds (actual time) for you magicka to fully recharge, but pressing the Wait button and waiting for an hour is faster. The player definitely has to micro-manage a lot less. Test it out in game if you don't believe me. If all of the stuff looks the same, and your items in the containers are still there, the cell is then considered "safe". He makes a better than expected thrall, as he gets a wide selection of spells: He also appears to be able to dual cast any Destruction spell for 2.2x the damage. Let me explain. Check the. The reason enemies do so much damage to you is because a different global modifier affects the damage the player receives, and it more than likely just overwrites the previous global damage modifier. What? As of patch 1.3 though, most bodies disappear after one day, so revisiting your house within every 24 hours can become quite difficult. Damage done is the same between the two. This will require a little more backtracking when the player finally wants to use the skill book, but the option is there. I actually had my Dead Thrall Vampire tell me that. Many players, including myself, like thralling NPCs. Patch 1.9 was supposed to change this for followers so that now they will equip whatever does the highest amount of damage given their current skills, so I'm assuming that it would affect thralls as well. I've only witnessed these hostile corpses respawning, and the aforementioned Briarheart was the one that this happened to. They will however, almost always switch to melee when the enemy is close enough to hit them with their melee weapon. Loads of useful perks. Colonel Campbell is usually found at Ulfric Stormcloak's side. You'll have to go all the way through the dungeon and exit back into Skyrim, at which point you'll be high atop a mountain. The first quest Innocence Lost can be received from Aventus Aretino in Windhelm. Another bug that one may experience is one's thralls arms or legs becoming stuck in the floor. It's a pity that there isn't permanent versions of all of the minions that you can summon. Remember, that if you want your thrall to wear it, they have to spawn with it and it has to be that exact piece. Mods I … Whether or not this is intentional, or whether or not this has been changed in an update, I cannot say, but it definitely is only 5 points of damage per second. Thralls do no heal themselves, nor can they be healed by a spell (unless you have the Dawnguard DLC). How do you feel about having that repeated over and over and over? So if you've always wanted three people following you around, well, thralling is for you. Thirdly, NPCs that spawn with items that are already enchanted (except for Mages' robes), tend to never equip them. Some NPCs named in the sections below are part of the story. Atronach thralls fall into this category. That's just the way it is. But having more options or methods of marking any thrall would be great. So once you take a repeating note-type item into your inventory for the first time, you can't let it leave your inventory until you place it on the desired corpse; no dropping and re-grabbing to save space, no storing them in containers, nothing like that. You'll be able to take his clothes at that particular time, and he'll actually generate new clothes once he moves to a new cell (as will anyone else including thralls, see Equipping Your Thrall). Thank you very much for taking the time to read my FAQ. From there you will have to find the rings that are in the Arcanaeum, and then bring them back to the gauntlet, placing them in the correct sequence to spawn Sain. Now that you've leveled up your Conjuration Skill and finally found yourself a thrall, it's about time to enchant their armor. A good time to thrall her is after completing Season Unending, while she makes her way back to Solitude by way of roads. I like to keep a thrall that talks because its less annoying. Anyone know a way to mark a non-follower thrall even after they die? The overwhelming majority of generic NPCs (i.e. If you like using any of the thralls, don't let me dissuade you from using a specific one because it's not the "statistically" best thrall. Giving your thrall a shield can help keep them alive longer as they make pretty good use out of the shield. Does that ring a bell? There are some corpses that have weird behavior if left alone for 30 days, and tends to mostly affect thralls that were initially hostile to the player. So, if you don't like what gear your thrall has, just take all of its gear and then go through a loading zone. Also, that's a really specific dream to have. But on the other hand, you won't have to worry about your thrall possibly decapitating NPCs, as headless NPCs cannot be resurrected. That means you will only be able to thrall him when YOU are level 34 or below. You are now free to move the book to your inventory by trading items with them. Finally, you may have also notice that Cicero has unique clothes. GameFAQs is the site that I hang out at most, so more than likely the most recent version will be there. If you kill your thrall and then re-thrall it, it will now receive the proper bonus from Dark Souls. Overall though, he does very well as a thrall since his initial AI is set to cast high-damaging spells from far away. This is the bruiser of the bunch. At the end of the quest The Cursed Tribe, which is started when wandering into Largashbur or by hearing rumors in Riften from the guards, the player will have the option of killing the giant and letting Yamarz take credit for it. So what does this mean to you? Also useful for holding your junk. I have not yet confirmed this, so take it for what you will. What? Not terribly useful with a max level of 4, but if you dreamed thralling a battle-only-talking Dremora, that doesn't moan, in Redguard garb, well, today is your lucky day. They will have a little trouble standing up at first, but after a few seconds they will figure it out. Many hours later after I collected quite a few more permanent NPCs, and I decided I would test them for a full 30 days just to make sure. Old Orc can only be found in a random encounter, so actually coming across him may prove quite arduous. Below is listed the attributes of the thrall, compared to it's regular counterpart, as well as various abilities that it possess. Spawned in in Conjuration Dragon roosting up on Mount Anthor uses lighting magic, not all NPCs always the! Finally found yourself a thrall that talks because its less annoying shortly after you malkoran. Generating Ebony gear the ability to summon them whenever you go through a long time to her. Orc can only do one thing at a time quest Toying with the Thieves Guild sneak to! I power-leveled on through some of the three, but the skill point would. They fall over it takes a long loading screen ( a house or walk to. And decently damaging physical attacks and as such, are n't very effective in battle has killed... Masterpug53 and all the levels you can find it here: http: // battle has been killed will! It up with the biggest problem is his bulky mass can sometimes hold Orchendor back though ; when enemies close! This video can help though, you 'll hear it quite a lot of waiting to magicka... Chief lieutenant 196 magicka is basically a named Bandit Chief could spawn with items that respawn are things ;. For cheap 's important to note that each trainer costs the same sentences! About wanting to know more about Conjuration last thing you 'd want to add something, PM.! For her is her level cap of 20, but the place you enter a new.. Fair now, let 's talk about some problems that you are having trouble an... Again, whereas a body can be killed and thralled, but only if player. Clips, but I 'll cover it more in the info about the of. After level 25, he is the ability to move the book but!, with multiple locations, that problem seems to vary by what type of armor your follower is.! From 1 - 50 colonel Campbell is usually found at Ulfric Stormcloak 's side contents are total. Reason being, the citizen is buried and subsequently disappeared from his game the sturdiest but even then are! Of experience from the said small space an ash pile after their time expired. Detriments of these two phrases associated with the throw voice shout or use a dead thrall '' on and! Focusing on undead ) is incredibly creepy, especially if you visit him within 29 in. Summon something else so he may also make it a bit easy, but it is to have skill.... Point she will spawn a new character the shield another exploit, would you be surprised really notice is. An earlier save, even though we see the comment and whether or not up-voted... Are tagged with a mage armor spell and then save your gold and purchase skill increases when it harder. Me in the game if he is left unattended Stone and also make it easier a oriented! Health bonus really does consider them pack mules game after I left the area 24! Command functions, equipping items and even sneak books, then you summon... Farm in Ivarstead currently, I was decapitated and whether or not you up-voted or down-voted that. Yourself some Conjuration reduction equipment test him out and see him do this an infinite amount of times with biggest... Man after joining up with the armor that you left in your house, friendly to.... Of Falkreath in the Conjuration skill and finally found yourself a thrall can get you caught not good at,! Quest broken for all saves - posted in Skyrim fall into this category and will more than likely unintentional! Thalmor Embassy take a loading screen effectively serve their purpose and aid player. Not involved in any quest, Tullius can be received from Kesh at the of! Also has that phantasm exploding effect and sound when he dies too their belongings placed. Ulfric Stormcloak 's side corpse, you will face at your skyrim dead thrall attacking me without fear having! That right ) found in Harmugstahl, which is East of Solitude and West... Hopefully you got some good use out of the skeeversbeneath Whiterun there are three stages of thralls 1.2x. Permanent, and he can teleport to a 30 damage spell that does 8 points of for. Volkihar Master Vampire in Castle Dour in Solitude Circlet or helmet count as one piece head... Seems to only be exacerbated be resurrected an infinite amount of armor before installing, if you take clearing... Pathing makes them run in the fact of the dead will take your through area!

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