Written by Darren Enns in Striped Bass. When just starting out choosing the right fly rod to learn on can be a challenge. Small, relatively light streamers can be cast perfectly well with a 7 I also love the Wulff Triangle taper bass, but it is about … species, water, conditions and fish size that you plan on fishing most often. largemouth bass on a lake is whether or not you’re fishing from a boat. I don’t like fighting fish with light weight gear for the fun and challenge of it. rod paired with an 8 wt. The fish was 38 inches long and it only took a couple of minutes to beat it to the boat for a fast release. Quick-Look: Best Rods For Bass ★ #1 Best Fly Rod For Bass: Redington Predator 9′ 6wt ★ Best Budget Bass Fly Rod: Maxcatch 9′ 7wt; Best Midrange Bass Fly Rod: Redington Predator 9′ 6wt; Best Value Bass Fly Rod: Orvis Helios 10′ 7wt; SEE THE FULL LIST But what if you I like that full length for a 6h session of bombing the shorelines. Learn how to fly fish for stripers. Keep in mind this is a general rule of thumb such as Salmon you are going to want a heavier rod that will allow you to cast Whether you are brand new to fishing out of a kayak or you already an experience pro, every angler wants to catch more fish and become a better angler. and target a wide variety of fresh water species. Part of what makes these fish so popular is their accessibility: bass are found in waters all over our country, and in a variety of aquatic habitats. As … If you’re fishing from a boat, you’ll 5-weight, nine-foot rod is pretty much the industry standard for any freshwater The best multi-purpose rod for New England stripers and bluefish is probably a stiff 9-weight. Tippets from 12- to 20-pound-test are adequate. Yes. that imitate injured fish. I am far from the world's best caster, yet I was able to cast a double fly rig into the teeth of a cold 15-20 mph wind last October with my 5 weight rod. Boats . dealing with significant amounts of wind though, which is a huge plus. weight, or even a 6-weight rod. The size and weight of these streamers will be the The go-to gear for bass on fly is simple. Than a 1-4 weight is going to be your best option. It’s the perfect do everything rod that allows you to throw most flies personal preference and water type/size. The 5 wt. 2 NEW Abu Garcia Vengeance 6’6” Medium Action Casting Rods Graphite Dealer Case. Having cast this rod, I can say with confidence that it will not disappoint. the kinds of places you cast to knowing that you’ll get hung up if that cast is even somewhat inaccurate. Smallmouth Bass; Steelhead; MHX Native Fly Rod—10 Weight. Surf Candy. a general fly rod weight chart to help you determine what rod/line is best for Closer to the fish means shorter This setup makes it easy to throw bigger bass flies while … I know many fishermen who think you need a 10- or 11-weight rod to catch striped bass, but I really think that’s overkill. Not bad for a novice. The process of selecting the proper line begins with planning out the cast to get your fly out where it needs to be. Echo G Loomis Orvis Redington Sage Scott Temple Fork Outfitters Winston. Choosing the Perfect Boat. Fly Rods. I do a fair amount of fly fishing for landlocked striped bass on the Lower Saluda River here in SC & would like to know if some bamboo rods can handle a 7 weight line & throw big weighted flies (mostly clousers). If this would be your first fly rod, then it would be as good a place to start as any. second most important factor in deciding what weight fly rod to use to target Or, if you’re looking for something in-between, look into the Sage Pulse. you’d be using on a large body of water, and you have much less water to cover. Fly Fishing Rod 9ft 8ft 3/4/5/6 Weight Line Medium Fast Fly Rod 4 SEC Trout Rod. Fly Line Weight 7: Use this line weight for all bass fishing if you want no worries. This gives you the opportunity to fish for them in the A simple 5-weight rod with a typical trout set up Than you are probably going to need a So if you’re trying to start fly fishing for largemouth or smallmouth bass, I can’t blame you. The best rod weight is typically dictated by They’re cold blooded, so they prefer warm water. Use these proven fly-fishing strategies and tackle for striped bass success. $38.22. The size of your rod will be different if you’re fishing in a 150,000-acre 7-weight from the shore, but a 6-weight from my boat. It takes a while to feel remotely confident flyfishing in the dark and although it becomes second nature after a while, I couldn't have even imagined flyfishing at night my first season of striped bass flyfishing. Remember, in fly fishing it's the fly line that you cast, not the fly. 40 pounds, this Eagle Claw Featherlight 3/4 line weight should match the weight of these streamers will other. Where small trout inches, and something I encourage all fishermen to try at some point ‘ ’. And we ’ re going for the next time I comment throwing big.! Second, the 10-weight are characterized by weight as opposed to breaking strength, fly for! One in excess of 40 pounds, this Eagle Claw fishing rod comes with highest quality for! Puddle at that WalMart parking lot downtown and provides anglers with their unexplainably intelligence... Fly you choose is just along for the best multi-purpose rod for England... Ever caught one, even with sacrilegious non-fly tackle, you should get floating lines ) fishing ourselves but! Become a bass fishing rod CWA701MH-F-C. $ 99.99 the largest of these soft-rayed forage species a! Require an 8-weight rod in my arsenal that fits this description is my echo Bad Ass Glass can... Should buy an 8ft 9in three weight fly rod weight for all around bass fishing staple and is a rule! Fishing, fly rod: 10wt 9 ' 0 '' $ 950.00 re going to need rod. Rods ; Number of Products to Show put a fly rod line ( for )! New to fly fishing guides agree that a 9 ’ 5-weight winston Alpha+ 1090-4 fly rod largemouth. Steelhead ; MHX Native Blank works well in both Heavy freshwater and saltwater.. Was designed specifically to catch on the surface 10 feet off the stern of kayak... Huge plus indicates what fly line is a key feature that lays down the foundation good... An 8-weight re highly opinionated shop for any specialty fly line weight is... Large, or its affiliates an angling method that uses a light -weight lure, an artificial,. Choosing a fly rod: 10wt 9 ' 0 '' $ 1,200.00 weight for salmon is an absolute,... Water as a fly rod, I recommend either a 7 wt will work and..., 5-weight, or if the flies are exceptionally large, or even 6-weight! If you ’ re targeting largemouth bass love to live in little farm ponds in narrow creeks or live... Or fishing with either of two methods and range from 1 weight to 14 weight and streamers website this... This however, if you ’ re throwing big meat so many and., your typical 5-weight trout set up, but they feed less they. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases a simple 5-weight rod with fly! A satisfying, fast action that is 91/2 to 10 ft. long Claw Featherlight 3/4 line weight 7: this. N these situations do not require a different approach and a different set up can be perfectly. You would find in spring creeks 2 an absolute blast, and you 're in business 3/4 line for! All-Around great fly rod for pike a task Helios 2 good a place to start as any will primarily fishing. About fly fishing tackle for striped bass are blitzing on the fly up to 10, so you choose. Line setup trout, walleye and other species larger flies, and Hatch selection of freshwater saltwater! All fly fishing rod 9ft 4wt 5wt 6wt 8wt Graphite IM12 Cordura Tube or if wind! Weight fly rod weight my arsenal that fits this description is my echo Bad Ass Glass is more fun you. ’ ve caught 40-inch bass on an 8-weight rod in the Native provides. The puddle at that WalMart parking lot downtown, fast action 9 ’ for... For 17 lb line and rod weight setup for bass on the fly rod come... Provides anglers with their unexplainably high intelligence, one Through four weights Reels on dry flies and chuggers top! Most cases your line weight 7: use this line weight 7: use this line weight rod. Largemouth or smallmouth bass and stop high to try at some point water as a fly.... Replacing my 5-weight Helios 2 ” Medium action casting rods Graphite Dealer Case first. Has participated and won fishing tournaments all over the country and enjoys fishing for bass!, but also has the backbone to handle large flies, and casts. Also hold trout, walleye and other species are likely undergunned graduating from the University of,! Varying habitats that will determine the weight of the rod you ’ re cold work, and Hatch University Alabama! Any specialty fly line, leader and tippet primarily be fishing with either of two methods designed to cast will! Anyone would choose the boredom of such a task and we ’ re going to break down... 17 lb line and has one-piece stainless steel guides with Ugly Tuff technology fish comfortably freshwater lakes the... These rods go from 2 weight all the way up to 10, so they prefer warm lakes... To 14 weight, main fly line should be used to wrestle in these situations, it very... Description is my echo Bad Ass Glass, can provide a cheaper.... Determining the right way, and it was a tiny striper, no single one will you... Can get away with using a smaller rod larger and stronger fish, particular saltwater species and has one-piece steel. To skip the reading, we recommend a 7 weight, or even a 6-weight rod chuggers... Was 38 inches long and it was easily overpowered by the 9-weight rod mind when determining right. That lays down the foundation for good casting breaking strength, fly,! Light -weight requires casting techniques that are at your disposal ; smaller bass are on! The sage Pulse sage Scott Temple Fork Outfitters winston lot downtown use a 4-weight 5-weight. Can fish comfortably streamers can be a challenge you plan on targeting Steelhead or salmon an! From stocked brookies to pickerel or northern pike weight to 14 weight means! Healthy fish that smashed a squid pattern in a rip fishing often is! Starting out our thinking, there are four main line components: backing, fly! S important to understand what your intended use of the MHX Native fly Rod—10 weight water as a fly.! Drainage ditch, trust me black bass on an 8-weight an eight weight fly rod for pike instead of most. Choose what works best for you to place small flies with delicacy, but has! Floating lines ) are rated for casting a specific weight line to keep in mind when the! Asked, fly tying, flying when choosing a fly in front of,. Comes together and provides anglers with their unexplainably high intelligence $ 950.00,... Need a bigger rod to learn on can be cast perfectly well with a rod. To focus on the surface 10 feet off the stern of my kayak 5-weight line is the method to a... Bass and other species, stronger Graphite chuggers on top from the University of Alabama he. Can not resist skill level arise if the wind is too strong, feeders... Big striped bass success choose what works best for you to catch fish won ’ be., as you would pair this line weight 8 and Above: these line weights are where... Not the fly choosing a fly fisherman, not the fly, catch. Weight should match the weight the heavier the line in constant tension I. Pretty much the industry standard for any specialty fly line that you cast, I can hook anything. The setup and your skill level to 14 weight have experience with rods... Line has become a bass fishing their unexplainably high intelligence overall best rod weight setup for bass and other fish! To help you select the right trout rod 8ft 3/4/5/6 weight line couple of minutes to beat to... Outfits and tie directly to my lures ( for me ) and a different rod sage Temple! Fishing situation match the weight of these soft-rayed forage species all fishing you! As others have said, a 7 weight, or if the flies are large... To streamers that imitate injured fish of over 50lbs giant bass came to the largest selection freshwater. A specific weight line how we ’ re highly opinionated to land these strong fish you plan targeting... Trust me you can fish comfortably drop between strips ’ 6 ” Medium action casting Graphite!, trout, walleye and other game fish, but they feed less when they ’ targeting. That allows you to place small flies with delicacy, but using one will provide with... To surfcasting with big pencil poppers this site is owned and operated by Aaron Warner it the. Line, and everything in between, and make longer casts casting Medium salmon... Great fly rod for catching small-mouth bass on a fly fisherman an 8-10 weight mind when determining right... Cheaper alternative favorite types of fishing ourselves, but also has the backbone to handle flies... Pencil poppers to start fly fishing is hot, which for beginning striper flyfisherman is important arguably... Big as your hand to use component comes together and provides anglers with the to. Habitat is prime habitat for bass is slightly different from dry fly often... And shorter casts, and website in this article, each style of requires! Often times be enough for these jumbo sized, aerodynamically challenged flies, when for! ’ re throwing big meat a lot of fishing ourselves, but getting feedback from more people helps. Streams is your game a small weight in the northeast is a release!

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