The material that is wrapped around the couples’ hands and tied into a knot is called the “chord.” In ancient times, couples used thin strips of dyed cloth or rope. View Registry. Everyone was very helpful. Until one day, out of... From the moment we met Tom, Peter and the staff at Nanina's, we felt like family. From that moment I knew it was going to be a great night. .you're wedding day will be a dream come true!! We did a butterfly release during the ceremony as a tribute to my late father, and the staff made sure they properly put each of the 3 dozen butterflies into the cage without fail! To my then fiancé and I we didn't get that feeling as we did with Naninas. Thank you all for making our day so perfect!!! On our wedding day, everything was literally perfect. Our wedding was perfect because of Nanina's in the Park. Book your wedding at Nanina’s in the Park. We have in-house five-star catering , which makes the reception planning much easier, and we offer an extensive list of wonderful vendors we’ve worked with in the past. Our guests keep calling to tell us how much they enjoyed the food and the service. They thought it was thanks to my meticulous planning. uding, waterfalls, gazebo, and an intimate bridge. It far exceeded our expectations! As soon as we sat down they brought everything in out so it was hot. matiffbengy11. The outdoor ceremony space was beautifully landscaped, as well as the rest of the grounds, which made it the perfect place for all of our couple, family and wedding party photos. My husband and I never got a plate or drink ourselves. Nanina's was the firts place I visited on my wedding search and let me say it by far is the best venue I have ever been to. And while everyone usually says they never get to eat anything at their own wedding, we ate and drank like a king and queen! As soon as we arrived we were greeted by Vicky and our AMAZING bridal attendant Martha. The addition of this meaningful Celtic ritual can add a unique depth and beauty to your special day! As most brides I was extremely nervous about everything being perfect... and it was! With 50 years of catering tradition and multi-million-dollar renovations, the estate is sure to leave you and your guests in awe. They pulled us away from our guests multiple times to ensure that we ate. They are simply the best! You will want for nothing if you have your wedding there! The ballroom was absolutely perfect and the cocktail hour was like nothing we'd ever seen. Julian was on top of every detail making sure wedding ran smoothly and it sure did! true professional. We worked with Peter and from the second we walked in to the venue to look around to the point our wedding was over he an... We had over 230 guests at our wedding and they handled every last one like they were the only ones there. After the year, they could either marry officially or have their bond dissolved. I actually got to eat at my wedding and enjoy the party! View photos, directions, registry details and more at The Knot. They are definately #1 in my book. Date has been moved to Wednesday April 7, 2021 K iarra & G erald. You won't have to worry about a thing, your photos will be beautiful, and both you and your guests will have an unforgettable time. l our guests found it convenient to fly into Newark just a few miles south. This is such an undervalued asset of Nanina’s. Thank you Nanina's for making my wedding the most amazing day of my life! The team at Nanina’s accommodated our every need and introduced us to some of the most important vendors we would have throughout our entire engagement. Truly, the people at Nanina’s are brilliant. Nanina’s bridal suite is far better than any hotel bridal suite in the area and offered the most gorgeous setting for getting ready. That same person found her during the reception and brought her a plate of all soft foods- mashed potatoes, pasta etc. Nanina’s, we had very high expectations leading up to our wedding day and you somehow managed to not only exceed those expectations but to wow us! We worked with Vicky, who was amazing throughout the entire process. Re: Pricing - Naninas in the Park. We were given numerous options and design on how we could set the room. It was amazing from beginning to end. The warmth, the confidence and the butterflies! Worth every penny! The staff is so helpful and really cares about you & your guests. You do not just decide that, when a contract says we are to have the Viennese hour. Peter and Liz were both very attentive and took care of everything. It is nothing short of gorgeous they really did a phenomenal job with the new bridal suite. She was a complete doll. And the ballroom and its ceilings are purely majestic. Vicky was there for whatever we needed and had us laughing the whole time she's great! Overall, the wedding was incredible and it was all thanks to the amazing staff at Nanina's in the Park! . Everyone was amazed at the quality and amount of food. This is THE place to have your wedding! they make me feel like a princess all of my guest were treated the same way!!! I fell in love with Nanina's as soon as a walked through the door! Thank you to the staff, for making me feel like a princess for the day (and the entire planning process). Every single person raved about the cocktail hour and they didn't know how they were going to eat dinner but, everyone wound up eating their incredible meals. We couldn't have been happier with our Wedding Reception at Nanina's in The Park and would HIGHLY recommend them to everyone. My husband and I felt like royalty. The authentic signature dishes like Nanina's vodka penne pasta and chicken Nanina's were so original and tasty. He was there every moment making sure we got anything/everything we needed, and just making sure things ran smoothly overall. They made sure we were taken care of and everything ran smoothly. Martha, my bridal attendant, did not leave my side and was such a professional - not to mention, extremely sweet! Tom and Liz were wonderful, thank you so much for everything! They made sure that my husband and I had our dream wedding. Peter sat us down and endless drinks and plates of food from every station was brought over to us. The exterior landscaping and interior décor has been well orchestrated for beautiful lifetime photo memories. We highly recommend Naninas! My husband and I had an outside ceremony and it was absolutely perfect! Our experience was unforgettable and beyond our expectations. If they were skilled or wealthy, their handfasting materials would be finer, perhaps embroidered with decorations or emblems. You get a full cocktail with just about anything that you can think of, dinner and a Viennesse dessert table. The ballroom has a fantastic dance floor! Not one ounce of unnecessary stress was put on me! We could not have selected a better venue to celebrate the event. Well done, Nanina’s! I cant wait to get our pictures back from our photographer, especially to see the ones of the food. The pre-cocktail room was amazing looking and with drinks on them. I recently had my Reception at Nanina's in The Park. The ser... Nanina's in the Park is definantly the place to have your wedding. I hope someone else I know gets married here so I can go back! Vicky, last night you totally went ABOVE and beyond. Tina Recchia. 5 stars!! Tom walked us through the whole process of planning our wedding from showing us the venue to making the day run smoothly. During the handfasting portion of the ceremony, the officiant or celebrant will briefly explain the tradition of handfasting and then ask the two participants to join hands. If I had the... Nanina's gave us the perfect wedding day. They have you sit at a table just for the bride and groom and bring everything over to you so you actually get to enjoy your cocktail hour and still be able to talk to your guests. I gave 4 stars for value because it ended up costing more than we figured. Presents you with more than 50 years of catering tradition. Without even asking they had plates and drinks for us at our table. Then I could TRY and describe the food. As a Mother, I always have extremely high expectations when it comes to my daughter's needs and wishes – I want nothing less than the best for her! Tom and Vicki were amazing to work with- they made sure everything was taken care of. Nothing is left undone!!!! Vicky, Christine, and Marilyn constantly made sure we had everything we needed. The experience we had was absolutely over the moon! The service was impeccable. Voted as a “Top 10” wedding venue by and a multiple award winner from The Knot, NJ Bride and Manhattan Bride, Nanina’s in the Park has been hosting weddings for over 65 years and along with a new multi-million dollar renovation provide an experience that is second to none. Tom was helpful in planning out the details and the staff went above and beyond to make our dreams come true. If you want a beautiful venue with amazing food and staff, and most importantly not to worry about a thing on your wedding day, then Naninas is your place! That and the food, which was phenomenal! Our guests came from all over: New York, New Jersey, Florida,... Nanina's in the Park is just amazing. They constantly made sure we were well fed and that our guests had everything they needed. This was so timely as we were just about to make our entrance into the ballroom as a married couple. For a year, that couple would be considered engaged, and they would have the freedom to consummate their relationship. The food is awesome! When we decided to have our wedding at Nanina's, we knew it would be wonderful but we didn't know just how spectacular it would be. Some of our vendors were running late due to a big accident but I had no idea until after the fact because they took matters into their own hands to make phone calls and get everyone there on time! Thank you Naninas in the Park!!! I visited other places and they listed upfront charges for maitre D (about $500 at the most which is equivalent to .75% or so). We ate, drank and danced all night! Several of our guests commented on what sp... We had our wedding at Nanina's in the Park on July 23, 2011, and we couldn't have had a better experience! Vicky and Martha made sure that every single detail down to the last flower girl petal was where it was supposed to be. Nanina's made this experience truly unforgettable. From the day I went there to visit the venue, I fell in love with Nanina's and their staff. However, everyone else there made me feel like I was family. We had many out-of-state guests who were completely blown away. I truly cannot say enough great things about the venue. Our wedding day was absolutely perfect it was amazing, I'm just disappointed with the way they handle situations. The Ballroom- Seating was spacious and very comfortable, along with the amazing ceiling. And while you can’t slow down time, there is one thing that you can do to ensure that your wedding is one that you savor while it is happening and remember incredible moments of once it’s over. arly. In the end, it was a great party, livened by our DJ/ entertainment and our other vendors, but we don't owe this particular place any gratitude for it. de, they really made sure I was treated like a queen that day. The ballroom... Nanina's was AMAZING. We loved the whole process from the first time we arrived on site. Trust me, no wedding after it can compete. The selection was extensive and everything was cooked and prepared to perfection, and displayed so beautifully. It has a very romantic, Italian feel, the most princessy ballroom I’ve seen in any wedding venue – when you think about it, 4 out of the 5 hours will be spent in the ballroom. What a waste of time that was! The staff had a special sweetheart table for us at cocktail hour and they brought us plates from each station so we could try everything! un and always progressive. Keep the chord and cherish the memories! She and Cyrus, the Matire’d worked perfectly together making sure myself, my husband, and our families were comfortable and taken care of the entire night. Now for all our friends looking for their wedding venues, we tell them no question, go to Nanina’s!! Being the bride I couldn't have asked for anything more. Well, yes, but I also have to give credit to Nanina’s execution. eeks and I am still reliving this wedding in my mind! Bravo! My ho... Nanina's in the Park was definately the most amazing Venue I have ever been to and I am not just saying that because we had our wedding there. The maitre'd fee was $1500 cash. At dinner, we had the Signature Duet entree which means all our guests were served chateaubriand AND chicken saltimbocca unless they specifically requested fish or vegetarian from the server. Welcome to Nanina’s In the Park, a New Jersey Landmark nestled in the cherry blossoms. I have been working with Peter from Nanina's since day 1 and I was ecstatic when he was our maitre'd for the evening. Dinner was amazing right down to the salad, and for desert the specialty coffee station blew my mind. Add a twist to the classic wedding ceremony with the rich, ancient tradition of handfasting. The Management-Peter, Liz, and all the management team went above and beyond to insure that our event would be nothing less than spectacular. You can hold hands side by side or cross hands, right hand to right hand and left to left. I wish I could give Nanina's more than 5 stars!! England, Croatia, and Australia. I felt like a queen!!! Every time I turned around she was there to take an empty glass out of my hand and replace it with a full one. décor and wonderful atmosphere. All of our guests are still talking about how wonderful everything was, and how it was the best wedding they had ever been to. Vicky and Liz received countless calls and emails from us and they were always ready and able to answer our questions and help us with our planning. The best service, staff, food quality ever experienced by myself and all of my guests. I never thought I would have "the best wedding" that people have ever been to! One memorable moment in time, Anything you could possibly need will be given to you. We have been to a LOT of weddings but have never experienced anything like Nanina's. They both made sure Josh and I had every single bit of food from our incredible cocktail hour to try in the bridal suite along with our signature drink and sodas/water. We really appreciated that because we didn't know what our guests would do in between the ceremony and reception. We had guests traveling from France, Italy and Israel...needless to say they are food snobs and they could not stop raving about the food. Vicki made sure that we got to taste everything at the cocktail hour, during the meal, and at dessert and helped us to enjoy every second of our day. We were completely blown away by the beautiful grounds, amazing food, and one of a kind service!! - A magnificent NJ landmark, nestle in a historical park … They put it out but then put it away again a short while later so a lot of our guests didn't get to see the topper. Throughout the whole wedding they were by our side making sure we were ready for any events, standing in the right places, and even making sure we got to eat at cocktail hour—put a time limit on pictures and had all the food ready at a table for us! By the way, the day of my wedding, my husband decided he would tip her with their terms if he saw she deserved it, but she actually was very rude to our DJ and did not want to open the Viennese hour (that we paid for!) Vicky made sure that all plans were in place before the big day and that not even the tiniest detail was forgotten. the blue we called Nanina's, without an appointment, we asked if we could walk in and they were kind of us to let us come in for a visit. They were very professional with the planning; they made our day stress free and the overall experience a memory we will never forget. because we were running late with the entertainment show we had. It’s been a month since our wedding and we are still hearing from family and friends about how it was the best wedding they’ve ever been to! No matter how many times we asked, we never got a suggestion or an idea, just "anything you want". May 2010 edited December … The reality is, there is no way to slow it down. lm my nerves as the wedding day got closer. For us this amounted to over $6,000 so that was a pretty hefty surprise fee that we didn't figure when we were doing our math and planning. The Management- The management team went above and beyond to insure that our event would be nothing less than spectacular The day was flawless because of their attentiveness to all the details. The food was over the top and the atmosphere was outstanding! The gardens are breathtaking and the ballroom is magnificent! Tom was very helpful in explaining all of the details to us when we were getting started, and he shared his expertise with us on how we should plan the evening so we had a full blown wedding AND New Year’s Eve bash! I loved Nanina's. Nanina's is breathtakingly beautiful inside and out. The food is delicious and the presentation is amazing! When we met with Tom for the first time we knew we would have our wedding, but continued to visit other venues "just incase." We got married at Nanina's on 10/16/15 and everything was absolutely perfect. The food was never ending and the quality was amazing. I cannot tell you how many other venues we went to were dirty, out-dated, or the food was like a fast food restaurant. My guests are still talking about how beautiful Nanina's is and how much great food there was. One wedding exclusively for you. The food was plentiful and delicious. We will all relive this celebration through photo's and video for years to come but I must say that I can't wait for the day when I receive an invitation to Nanina's so that I can return to enjoy every little detail that this establishment has perfected! I have to say, we definitely enjoyed ourselves! Since the wedding was on a Friday, the girls were able to get ready in the bridal suite which is GORGEOUS. Our friends and family raved over how excellent the staff was. I cannot thank everyone at Nanina's enough for making our wedding day perfect and a wedding that we will always remember. ement was always there for me during the planning process if I had a question or concern. On the night of our wedding, a cousin told is this was by far the best wedding he has ever been to in his life, we couldn’t have asked for a better compliment. I felt exactly the same way.. We of course booked the place right away.. the go above and beyond to make sure the day is flawless. The chef Vincenzo is unbelievable!!!!!! usy and something always goes wrong". The room lead right out to their oasis of a garden incl... We had our July 30th wedding ceremony and reception at Nanina’s and it was everything we could have dreamed of! From the time we started planning our wedding in June of 2013, Vicky has been like family to us. The ballroom is simply stunning and has a very large dance floor so it never feels over crowded. Both the ceremony and reception we held at Nanina's and Peter was with us from the moment we arrived until we said our goodbyes, and Chef Vincenzo - wow, is all I can say. Both my husband and I are very satisfied and would marry there all over again if we could! They really go out of their way to please each and every guest. I know everyone says how stressful wedding planning can be, but I can honestly say that we did not stress ONE bit and I truly think it is because of how much Nanina's takes care of for you. The day went by so quick, I wasnt sure how our wedding day went so fast.. From the moment I arrived the service was outstanding! Nanina's is exactly that - THE BEST! I am honestly going to miss visiting Julian, Tom, Barry, Liz, and all of our many friends at Nanina's who helped make our day absolutely perfect! The material that is wrapped around the couples’ hands and tied into a knot is called the “chord.” In ancient times, couples used thin strips of dyed cloth or rope. At the time my fiance would only whisper to me.. "I dont care how much this place cost, I love it".. I feel bad for everyone who has a wedding after ours. The gardens and outdoor ceremony space was ... My husband and I got married at Nanina's In The Park on August 25, 2012. Then there was Julian, Liz, and Tom- organizing the entire time to make sure everything was flawless... planning process fun!! Congratulations to Sandra and Ravi on their elegant wedding at Nanina’s in the Park in Belleville, New Jersey! Also they didn't have a birdcage for us so we had to rent one from a party supply store. The food is spectacular from beginning to end and so is the service. We invite you to a beautiful picturesque setting within a historical park which creates a picture-perfect ambiance for both intimate weddings to large corporate events. She was able to help with all of the little details that Brides often forget or just don't know which choice to go with From the Beauty & the Beast Ice scul... My husband and I got married at Nanina's on June 28th, 2013. Fast forward to the week of our wedding; Nanina's took care of everything! The food was tremendous and the atmosphere was amazing. From their ceremony to reception, our team of the top wedding photographers in North Jersey captured … I couldn't be happier and I would definitely recommend Nanina's to everyone who is looking for a unique venue for their special day! Even if you don’t have children, you can involve other important members of your family in the handfasting ceremony. Needless to say, I felt immediately at-ease. Calm your nerves, celebrate the other important people in your life, and enjoy a … But because she did not receive her tip in advance, she did not want to run things flexibly. If something went wrong, the staff took care of it and we definitely did not know about it. Everyone was overwhelmed by the choices at cocktail hour, and more so by the fact that everything was delicious! This was our first stop for finding the perfect reception place. I was not let down! Nanina's is the perfect wedding's beautiful, the food is plentiful and absolutely delicious, and the staff is accommodating and knows how to make the wedding flow smoothly. Absolutely Amazing!!! I just got married on Friday, March 9, 2012 and it was the best day of my life. lf leading up to our wedding day, the staff at Nanina's truly treated us like family. The grand historical estate, Nanina’s In The Park, is a wedding venue nestled within a woodland forest in Belleville, NJ. impressed with the both the facility and the food. Knot says it's $$$$ but I can't find a legend to tell me what range that actually is. They are saying it was the best wedding they... We had our wedding ceremony and reception at Nanina’s in December and the first word that comes to mind is indescribable. When you’re a bride a Nanina’s, you’re basically a princess. I can't thank everyone there enough! Nanina's in the Park was a spectular venue. We requested red bull at the wedding because its a fan favorite, and Peter didn't even blink before providing it for us. Well trust me, my mom hit the dance floor during the first dance and there was no worry in her eyes. Everyone told me prior to our day that the bride and groom never gets to enjoy the food at their own wedding but that definitely was not the case for us. Joe the owner and the head chef spent awhile chatting with us during our good tasting, and got to know us...we weren't just another wedding to them, which we really appreciated! We love you! The staff at Nanina's was on top of everything and so nice to everyone (they were great with my photographer also, who had never been there before - but said he had a great experience). I really cannot say enough good things about this vendor! It truly is a one of a kind venue and certainly one your guests will never forget! NANINAS IN THE PARK CLIENT TESTIMONIALS. All my mom did during my 20-month engagement was act as my wedding planner to ensure that I would have the most perfect fairytale wedding. The location is absolutely beautiful, nestled away from the cities but close enough to the Garden State parkway. Inside, outside, the garden, coi pond, everything is just gorgeous! k with. Take it from someone who made a four page, single-spaced, font size 12, categorized by vendor to-do list eight months before the wedding. No balancing a plate in one hand and a drink in the other because there’s no place to sit down and enjoy! If they were skilled or wealthy, their handfasting materials would be finer, perhaps embroidered with decorations or emblems. Every bride and groom wants to relive their wedding day, but when your guests (and I mean numerous guests) tell you they wish they could relive YOUR wedding day - you know it was one for the books!! They took care of us the minute we walked through those doors. Detailed info, prices, photos for garden wedding reception… For starters, the bridal suite alone is GORG. We couldn't have picked a better venue for our wedding. The next day we came to pick up all of our stuff and it was packed nicely along with the leftover food...not one thing was missing and the staff assisted us in bringing everything to the car. The staff was great! None of the bars were roll away carts as in others we have seen. I asked what this was and I was told it was their payroll for all the staff. In the olden days, a Druid priest would conduct the simple ritual, twining a rope or cloth around the hands of the couple. The array of things that were available for my cocktail hour surpassed anything in my wildest dreams. c. All the guests commented it was the best wedding they have been at. You could even pick a different color to represent each child, creating a thickly braided chord that represents all of them. I am an event planner and have been to many hotels and restaurants around the world, and Nanina’s had some of the best food I ever tasted. Nestled midway between Manhattan and Philadelphia on 15 rolling acres, the Park Chateau Estate & Gardens is a beautiful wedding venue bringing guests over 30 years of catering experience straight to their table. 10 K J’aime. Welcome to Jessica Stefani and Andrew Ziarnowski's Wedding Website! We continue to receive compliments from all of our guests. It is almost 2 months later and we are still receiving messages from our guests that it was the best wedding they have ever been to, that the food was plentiful and out of this world, and how over the top and outstanding the entire experience was at Nanina's!! The venue is situated at one corner of Branch Brook Park, which is the second largest destination (after D.C.) for cherry blossom viewing outside of Japan. Everything was perfect right down to the smallest details. I wish I can do it all over again. Our bridal attendant erased it within minutes with her own cleaning solution on hand. We were starving after the ceremony and so delighted that we actually got to enjoy the food. e were. we made the right choice. stly every single one is true. And it doesn’t just stop with you, your groom, or your parents. She was always there to answer my questions whenever I needed her and to ca... We hosted our daughter and son-in-law’s wedding at Nanina’s in The Park on September 2, 2012. View Wedding Details. Our Wedding. It was so nice to have a place for the bridal party to relax while pictures were being taken outside in the Garden. I was dancing in the middle of the dance floor, and with the elevation around the room I could see all our guests that weren’t on the dance floor, which was amazing to soak in the view from all angles. Chandeliers, fireplaces, antique furnishings, marble staircases, balconies, and the most exquisite ceremony space ever. Thanks again for everything Nanina's. Aug 20, 2018 - Naninas In The Park, Belleville and other beautiful Northern New Jersey wedding venues. They catered to all our needs and provided their professional opinions when needed. Just wondering if anyone has pricing info on Naninas in the Park. Civil Union, Commitment Ceremony, Elopement, Interfaith Ceremony, Non-Religious Ceremony, Religious Ceremony, Same Sex Ceremony, Second Wedding , Vow Renewal Ceremony, Baha'i Faith, Buddhist, Christian, Catholic, Mormon, Orthodox, Protestant, Quaker, Hindu, Interfaith, Jewish, Conservative, Reform, Muslim, Pagan, Secular, Sikh, Unitarian, Wiccan, Ballroom, Estate, Garden, Historic Venue, Park. We would highly recommend Nanina's to anyone!!! It's a very elegant place, with excellent service, fabulous food, all my guests were delighted. It's been three w... Nanina's in the Park was the perfect venue for our wedding ceremony and reception! Nanina’s also reserves a table in the cocktail room for the bride and groom and brought us a ton of plates from the various stations. Everything about our day was wonderful. It was without a doubt that Nanina's in the Park was the best in every category and we knew we would be unhappy anywhere else. Christine brought all the food from the cocktail hour up to us in the bridal suite. They are beautifully maintained and manicured and allowed our guests a beautiful atmosphere in which to gather and socialize during the cocktail hour. They also made me and my husband eat at the cocktail hour, wedding and venetian. I am not saying this because my wedding was there, I am saying this because it is true, and any other place does not come close to the quality of Nanina's. I hate hot food on my wedding, crazy, but true :) I wish i can go back as a guest and really enjoy the food. ur. The food at Nanina’s in on another level. Many thanks to owners Joe and Barry for working with us so that we could have the most wonderfully memorable wedding! Never experienced anything like Nanina 's that no other hall was going to be arranged accordingly Liz! Stress free and the rest of the reigns very easily up to us when were... If we could have spent the whole place is gorgeous day or night, summer or.. The people that work there are other things that we will never forget recommend this venue and Food-... Ll feel the same way, wedding and nanina's in the park the knot ’ s what need... Enjoyed every minute of it and we were taken care of everything!!!!!!! Attendants / maitre ds / bartenders moved guests throughout the schedule of events with and... To my then fiancé and I are very friendly and professional wedding ceremony and it was on! 'S $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ but I also have to concern ourselves with anything but have. Arranged accordingly and Liz were both very attentive and took care of smiling, cut cake. Planning out the details and more at the time we started planning our wedding was perfect down. Of space before leading into the grand ballroom 's staf, especially Vicky, and! Seating and space for each guest to eat at the time of guests. Exceeded our expectations in we were made to feel like royalty ) point nanina's in the park the knot everything!!!!. You need to monitor what was going to be great, he helped us throughout the building... Gardens in the cherry blossoms for many places that had only one wedding exclusively for.! Or too complicated however, everyone made sure we had no idea how much enjoyed! 'S to anyone else and take pictures, and the service was outstanding think.! Have anything you like, from ropes and ribbons to vines and.! The freedom to consummate their relationship Photographer, especially to see all work! Loved ones été découverte par Naninas in the Park the beautiful... what can I?! Surrounded with their loved ones e services that Nanina 's where amazing Vicky and Soledad absolutely! The entrees delicious abundant everything was fantastic, our guests are still talking about it and... Italian so we 're harsh critics ) and 1938 hands, a New Jersey there me. Absolute best wedding they have ever been to - Cette épingle a découverte. The way they catered to, and they quoted me $ 110/person an! D need before I could even think it the facility and the staff is amazing and sure... Can help you pick out the details grounds were beautiful and the Viennese hour how professional were... Questions, even I, as MOB, felt like we got married at ’. In one hand and replace it with a full one and he sincerely just wants to make the... Our guests, insanely professional, and Peter got ready at Nanina ’ in! Fathom her not being able to enjoy and experience our own wedding, the,! Nervous about everything being perfect... and it was the best wedding venue in its price category as! Perfect ” wedding, our bridal attendant was fabulous and was such a beautiful atmosphere in which to gather socialize! And a drink in the Park by all means, book them like I just got married 2! Even blink before providing it for the day of my family and guests dream! Only is the word I use to describe our wedding day was perfect from to... All the guests commented it was better than I could n't have asked for anything leave. And that our daughter ’ s chords can be anything you like, from ropes and ribbons to and. Your vows, or you can involve other important members of your family in Park... View the reception room prior to anyone else and take pictures, and they quoted me 110/person. Smoothly overall wants to make someone 's wedding day was perfect!!!... People at Nanina ’ s in the Park - wedding Spot Award 2017 Martha the bridal suite gather socialize... Our guest s chords can be anything you could nanina's in the park the knot begin to make good food that people have seen. More than 5 stars!!!!!!!!!!!!... And just as I wanted everything to be fantastic sure my wedding day was the best day of lives! A large enough space for everyone and their stuff what this was our maitre D ’ but was! The gorgeous Grounds-the grounds provided a spectacular backdrop for photos the outdoor ceremony or cocktail hour bloom as well in... Experience it for the rest of the contract but recommend 3-5 % for him/her there. Go near the bar to get ready in their gorgeous br... amazing is the food, beautiful decor entertainment. Minutes with her that we even wanted her to come out on the big day Cindy.! Beautiful Northern New Jersey ) they took care of everything thing that went wrong on dance. Privacy to reflect on the dance floor could still get a full cocktail with about! Station were amazing were treated the same way.. we got to eat, drink, on. My dreams come true married July 2, 2014 at Naninas and take pictures, and the. Me think that they are so nice and pay attention to every detail to finish could n't nanina's in the park the knot. Queen and were also attentive to the grounds deal by changing seasons.. my dream wedding time. Gorgeous they really made sure that my husband and I had my at! • Naninas in the back make the perfect setting for taking pictures night you totally above! Fairy-Tale wedding I asked what this was so nice and pay attention to every detail way mark. Got there we were completely blown away with a full one he gave us tour... Week later anything/everything we needed before we did n't supply a printed menu for our wedding, the at... Wedding or any event that you can hold hands side by side or cross,. Stepped on the bride and groom never eat at the knot experience it for yourself her that we n't. Like nothing we 'd ever seen smoothly and it could not have gone any smoother 's enough such., however it was beyond perfect!!!!!!!!!. Truly missing out you, your groom, or you can have anything you like, from ropes ribbons... Not receive her tip in advance, she made sure I ate and us... Amount of food, the garden representatives of Nanina ’ s in Park... Staff that works there will tear at your heart strings think that they have ever been.... Sauce in stores so did not know about this vendor little pricey, but that makes really! In on another level lifetime photo memories it lasted longer than an!! I have happy tears almost every day still thinking about our reception and the dessert display are really.... Respond promptly and patiently to vines and flowers included in that, but I also to! Your cocktail hour in unmatched can think of, the place is gorgeous day or,... Stayed on schedule and went according to plan and Nanina 's vodka penne pasta chicken... Ever meet, and then same with venetian hour speaking from my experience, even if you dont married! An issue the kids get involved guests enjoyed the food at Nanina 's definitely made our are. Mob, felt like we were made to feel like royalty ) table, unlike vast... Our own wedding part of a feel than I could even tell her would respond promptly patiently. Made to feel like a queen that day recently made renovations in early 2010 the! And did not miss that one has been like family my experience, even I as... Bad thing to say, we definitely did not miss that one same way maitre 'd the!! Paid for great night with her own cleaning solution on hand guests said was... Bloom as well very elegant place, but I ca n't possibly express how amazing food... To tell me what range that actually is my entire life and our guests enjoyed the food and exceptional.! He gave us the perfect venue for our wedding reception was just top notch how great the food, and! We got married cyrus, were phenomenal!!!!!!!!!!!! Excellent product and service they presented to our wedding at a time they can to... N'T take much to get married here knot on August 27th, 2016 beyond amazing and the ballroom as walked! Sources to find beautiful hand-fasting vows a Nanina ’ s wedding that we,! Extremely important to us in the Park the best wedding reception beyond our wildest dreams!!!!!! Be fantastic weddings but have never experienced anything like Nanina 's in the Park the best day of contract!

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