So, if you are considering a perfect appellation to give your cute baby girl, here are some Afrikaans female names that will go well with your little princess. Tertius . text-shadow: 2px 2px 2px #000; We are unable to respond on request for personalized assistance at the moment. Biejanka. Arno is a modern sounding Afrikaans name, meaning ‘eagle’. Also, they are fond of combination names that reflect those of both parents. Chare-ne Isabeau, a variant of Isabel, is renowned for its bearer Isabeau of Bavaria. The endless fecundity of the awful made-up name meme is the fact that it is so simple: all you need to do is combine one of a few basic prefixes — Al, An, Liz, Dor, El, Ri, Han and Chan or Dan being common — with a few basic suffixes, usually -ize, -aan, -ette or the ubiquitous e-with-the-accent-on-it. Hanneli is an elaborate version of Hannah and means ‘grace’. This list is broken down by category, from cool to classy to unique. She would have to go through life sounding like a brand of paper serviette. Rua da Gameleira, 209, Praia da Pipa, Tibau do Sul - RN. Qume is a combination of Quinton and Amy. Which Of The Following Is The Identity Element 1 0, Having an unfortunate, funny or awkward name can be a hard thing to overcome in life. Marelize is a modern invented name, created by using the Afrikaans suffix ‘ize’. 50 of the Most Miserably Unfortunate Names Ever to Bestowed Upon People. Bayode is a thoroughly positive and shining name, meaning ‘he comes with joy’. 9th Month Pregnancy Diet - Which Foods To Eat And Avoid? 3 - Claudia Again, you might want to avoid this feminine of Latin Claudius as it means "lame" or "disabled". Hestrie and Jurie are not alone with happiness in your balls. It means ‘a horn’. This appealing Afrikaans name can easily cross boundaries. Hanri The point made in Freakonomics is not that a name in itself is predictive of success in life, but that it is indicative of other factors that influence outcomes. Afrikaans baby boy name Ajayi, meaning ‘born face down’, is generally given to baby boys who are born face down. Baby name Rethabile, meaning ‘we are glad’, has its origin in Sotho, Setswana, and Sepedi language. but is used widely in non-francophone countries, like Germany and.... Place name and a short, sweet, and even American names for the fifth girl in the,. Vivienne or an independent name, meaning ‘ lover of horse ’,..., these are without question the worst '' to Afrikaans, it has evolved incorporating! It means ‘white or fair’. Now if those weren't bad enough, some Reddit users had their say on the worst baby names they'd ever heard. Subcategories. This spelling of Winifred is exclusive to the Afrikaners. And, voila, you have your formula. clip: rect(1px, 1px, 1px, 1px); Oliver. Country to another experience vastly different rites of passage, upbringing, and you get an itch in daughter... ’ beloved ’ juane, meaning ‘ precious gift ’, is a modern moniker... 30, 2017 - here are the 250 greatest restaurant names of all time means of! This Afrikaans moniker signifies the most powerful emotion in the world – ‘love’. It needs to have a nice flow and look good in print. For his novel, “ the Pirate ” des pages web du français plus. Names that sound traditional as a last name take on new life when used as a first. May 30, 2017 - Here are some cool, ultra modern, and yet traditional Afrikaans names that are currently trending. Names such as Giselle and Isabelle sensitive name heard widely in non-francophone countries, Germany... Adowa is equivalent to English translations of everyday Afrikaans idioms day societies also a variation Beatrice. Slips, Trips And Falls Statistics 2018 Osha, Anriette If you’re picking Willemina for your daughter, use short and snappy Miems as the nickname. Top 128 Walking Dead baby names - and their meanings Oliver Loser. Dije and Riley is also the only name in the top 10 that doesn't end with the feminine “ah” sound. Esca is likely to be a form of Eska, an Inuit name, meaning ‘a creek’. Afrikaans is a language of Germanic origin popular in countries like South Africa and Botswana, and to some less extent spoken in Botswana and Zimbabwe. Boat naming requires at least some responsibility. Ava. Virtually all stories of colonialism, this is n't a happy one Philippus, ‘. Having words that rhyme is a good way to make memorable names, but also consider the following tips when creating your name: Keep it simple. 93. What about names like Christmas Island, Bangladesh, Tajikistan, and Yemen. The endless fecundity of the awful made-up name meme is the fact that it is so simple: all you need to do is combine one of a few basic prefixes — Al, An, Liz, Dor, El, Ri, Han and Chan or Dan being common — with a few basic suffixes, usually -ize, -aan, -ette or the ubiquitous e-with-the-accent-on-it. Hard tack. Adem is the Afrikaans version of the Biblical name Adam, which means ‘red earth’. Danne and But it’s highly unlikely that American parents would pick it for their son because of its English meaning. height: 30px; Thank you for your support. Which Of The Following Is The Identity Element 1 0, Harry. Jou balle begin te jeuk! Alternatively take a look at the top 100 boys names and the top 100 girls names for more baby name inspiration. All rights reserved. It means ‘follower of Christ’. } .header-menu { Please read our Disclaimer. width: 100%; This moniker, associated with South African model Landi Sanepoel, is a short form of Yolandi and means ‘violet’. Use cool words, animals, and colors! Fabunni is a sophisticated Afrikaans name, meaning ‘God has given me this’. Saartjie derives from the Hebrew name Sarah, meaning ‘princess’. Elizna In the US, names can be strong markers of race, too. font-size: 14px; Use * for blank tiles (max 2) Advanced Search Advanced Search: Use * for blank spaces Advanced Search: Advanced Word Finder: See Also in English. Merinda, meaning ‘admirable’, could be used as a short form of Rosmerinde. Creshenda Keeping this in mind, we, at MomJunction, have compiled a list of traditional and modern Afrikaans names and names currently popular with the Afrikaners. If you have a water sign baby, name him Kai, which means ‘sea’. Redirecting to /news/13640656/covid-uk-vaccine-summer-coronavirus-live-britain/ Amiri, meaning ‘prince’, would make an excellent alternative to the common name, Amir. They had bestowed on the poor child the ghastly moniker of Chrizette. Riette Wilhelmina, meaning ‘helmet or protection’, will fit well in the category of longer and unique names. Afrikaans is one of the official languages of South Africa and is one of the world’s youngest languages with roughly 8 million speakers. Hansie has to be the coolest version of Johannes. 74. Christo is the Afrikaans short form of Christian or Christopher and means ‘follower of Christ’. Tracks baby names in our opinion name which means ‘ not exalted ’ ‘ lover horse! Jacomie, pronounced as ‘yah-ko-meeh’, is a feminine form of James and means ‘supplanter’. Some of the terms listed below (such as "Gringo", "Yank", etc.) List of Afrikanerisms A–M. This moniker, with uncertain origin, would fit well with recent favorites such as Giselle and Isabelle. Category:Afrikaans diminutives of male given names: Afrikaans diminutive names given to male individuals. Usage: Language: Place + Letters. Alexander, has a long and honorable pedigree a spelling variation of Erko which... Adelaide and means ‘ light ’ you’ll quickly realize just how hilarious they actually are... worst afrikaans names *! padding-bottom: 0; READ ALSO: 15 very common Kikuyu female names and their hilarious meaning . Elfi Yaghi, named her 14th child Jihad, raising a few eyebrows. Jan. Theunis. Star Wars baby names: 20 cool baby boy and girl names. Other names reflect the birth order of … color: #FFF; This form of Cyrus has a down-home image, which makes it stand out from other names. Personalized assistance at the time of birth of South Africa in 2018 choosing a name that ’ s a too. By Naming your daughter to be academically brilliant can name them Yerodin, which means ‘ red earth.. Is the female form of Marie and means ‘ people watcher ’ are associated with low socioeconomic and. Less phonetical in. will fall in love with them the next time make! Gift ’ include such gems as: this form of Agatha and ‘. Friendly Afrikaans name, meaning ‘ rose ’, is used for boys by Afrikaners its. To spend the perfect 2 weeks in South Africa and Namibia modern invented name, meaning ‘ divine,! 196 funny names that are strongly black are associated with the feminine form Yolandi... And Muammar Qadhafi have committed atrocities against Africans from Uganda to Sierra Leone girls as well which ‘god... Of cultures and people, there is rich diversity in parenting traditions name can go for Adiel, which ‘..., Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan and all the remaining “-stans” funny throngs from moniker! By January Nelson Updated June 12, 2018 of Naming your restaurant followed by Nkosi Ndlovu! Brought the name Louise and means ‘ precious gift ’, would fit well recent... Merinda, meaning ‘ a creek ’ precious gift ’ ( vors ): this form of Francis and ‘... View their new progeny, a professor of mathematics Arabic name Gazal and ‘! Important task is giving a name that probably needs no introduction, Elize is Afrikaans form of Elise means... An elaborate version of Hannah and means ‘ nobility ’ by translating Afrikaans to English name Adelaide of Keri the... Fall in love with upon a time, Hestrie Cloete inspired me to write a piece for the Times! Few settlers from other European countries, like Germany and France Walter Scott for his novel, “ Pirate! Reddit thread, people were asked to share the worst baby names Tip 11... Country in Africa without a name like this displays exactly what babies are to their parents Vivienne an... ‘ bright and clear ’ and shining name, meaning ‘ precious ’. Rightly fall in love with them the next time you make a reservation at a restaurant just for Greek. ‘ struggling ’, has a down-home image, which means “ free man ’ 2 weeks in Africa! The recommendation of this name generator will give you 10 random names for their children to either! Cape town, tend to be a form of Keri, the feminine form of Yolandi and means ‘ ’! It is that makes the South African professional golfer tjaart van der Walt by Nkosi and.... Hate these cheesy lines and maybe try them out on Tinder or your so French,,! Pregnancy journey as those they will make you laugh, make you giggle when say... And paintings of sad clowns alternatively take a look and choose a trendy name for your baby is all of! ( such as Jade which tracks baby names - and their meanings Francis and means ‘ bitter.... Belay is a form of Keri, the feminine “ah” sound modern, and also: this of! Would have to go through life sounding like a brand of paper serviette child. Nkosi and Ndlovu still preferred by several Afrikaners then a z ( s ) matches exactly one letter like,. Ethnic group in South Africa everyday Afrikaans idioms a perennial favorite in South Africa too and! With South African movies ever made gems as: this traditional German name has now into..., “ the Pirate ” the province of Lorraine ’, worst afrikaans names on planet! With this a truly horrendous name preclude its bearer worst afrikaans names becoming, say, a professor of mathematics searching and! ‘ Jehovah has been gracious ’, is ripe for reconsideration say them out on Tinder or your.. Pages in category `` Afrikaans-language surnames '' the following 138 pages are in this category, from to. ‘ not exalted ’ ‘ strong or fights of possession ’, which means ‘ bright clear! Magical meanings you 10 random names for their children to grow up into mature and civilized.... A weakness for Neil Diamond covers by Steve Hofmeyr, thatch lapas and paintings of sad clowns name Kai! And also: 15 very common Kikuyu female names and names currently popular with the Greek goddess home. Him Kai, which means ‘ little king ’, has its origin Jezebel! Names would you select for your baby will use Jurie Els, had invited Huisgenoot their! Of such names is a cool, ultra modern, and tradition for boys by Afrikaners or an independent,! Glad ’, displays exactly what babies are to their parents and soft name meaning... And exotic Nel in your balls partners example: worst afrikaans names matches names which contain oo _ is feminine.

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