10 Dec., 1968, the Rolling Stones Rock and Roll Circus rehearsals, with early use of Gibson SG Special. That thing I do with the neck (bending it back to stretch the strings as the chord rings) you don’t need any strength to make the whole guitar bend, because it’s made out of such a light-weight wood, but the factory stopped making those particular SG’s. Pete Townshend has very kindly donated a white Gibson SG guitar signed by himself to a charity auction in aid of St John of Jerusalem Eye Hospital Group’s Mobile Outreach Programme. Briefly, in late 1972/early 1973 and the first UK Quadrophenia shows in October/November 1973, to Polaris White pre-1965 Gibson SG Specials (as well as 1966–1970 versions with full pickguards also) and a Gretsch 6128 Duo Jet, until switching permanently to the Gibson Les Paul Deluxe in 1973. The SG that I use on “Baby Don’t You Do It” is a 1966 SG Standard. 917512). 16 Aug. 1972, Foret Nationale, Brussels, Belgium, with one of last known uses of a cherry-finish Gibson SG Special. LES PAUL® PETE TOWNSHEND DELUXE 76 LTD. According to the letter from Pete, he repaired the neck joint with Cascamite carpenter’s glue and left the guitar in his cellar. The Cooper Owen Music Legends auction took place in July 2006 at Abbey Road Studios. Four iconic guitars feature from Brad Rodgers at www.whocollection.com — the largest single-owner collection of The Who memorabilia to ever appear at auction — two previously owned by Pete Townshend, and two by John Entwistle [...] An earlier example, synonymous with Pete Townshend, is a 1970 vintage Gibson SG. Guitar possibly has a Tune-O-Matic bridge/tailpiece, and therefore is possibly one of the custom-made SG Specials. See story on thisisull.com (archived). Estimated: £30,000–40,000 (approx US$50,000–67,000). Ca. The last known use of a 1966–1970 cherry-finish model SG Special came at the 9 September 1972 Paris gig. He did, however, occasionally use pre-1966 models, which feature the small pickguard, especially in 1971 as the available supply began to dry up. , 14 Feb. 1970, Leeds University, stage setup of Pete’s rig, one customised Hiwatt DR103 and two CP103 amps with four Hiwatt 4×12 cabs. Visit Clint’s band: Beaver. One-piece mahogany body and one-piece set neck, cherry finish. 1969 or 1970, in IBC studios with SG Special. Photos courtesy and ©Clint Nurse. The earliest appearance of Pete’s use of the Gibson SG Special (other than one he borrowed in 1966 from a support group the Tages) is July 1968, likely purchased at Manny’s Music (archived), New York, though regular use wouldn’t come until late 1968. document.write('Photo: N. Zlozower'); - YouTube All auction information, including quotes and references are copyright their original owners and are included for reference only. Courtesy and © Christie’s. Schaller or Grover tuners. Information and photo courtesy and © Christie’s. document.write('Photo: Baron Wolman'); (130kb) 1963 Gibson SG Special (serial no. Fallout Shelter Tour, October–November 1973. British singer, multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and author, born 19 May 1945 in Chiswick, London, England, UK. With exaggerated care, he wrapped the strap around the body, walked to the edge of the stage, looked straight at me again, and with a shrug of his shoulders, and a quick nod, asked me with his body language if I was ready. Click to view larger version.10 August 1968, Jaguar Club, St. Charles, Ill., backstage post-show. The guitar piece is accompanied by a letter from Tony Haslam, a former lighting engineer for the Who. Photo courtesy SoundCityChris. In 2011, Gibson issued a 50th Anniversary Pete Townshend SG Special in Alpine White to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Gibson SG and Pete’s later use of Polaris White Gibson SG Specials. Le tecniche di costruzione originali degli anni '70 danno vita a questa Les Paul Deluxe Goldtop '76, basandosi su una chitarra originariamente suonata sul palco da Pete Townshend ed ora esposta al Victoria & Albert Museum di Londra. // ]]> -->, Ca. Click to view larger version.1969 Gibson SG Special serial no. Courtesy thewho.org. Guitar is SG Special.Photo: Ray Stevenson. It was clean until you hit the fuzz box and then it was dirty. cherry finish, two pickups with two volume/tone controls, three-way selector switch, neck with rosewood fingerboard and dot markers, headstock with stamped serial and Schaller machineheads, body with repairs, tremolo unit removed, in shaped, hard Gibson case, together with a letter of provenance, laser copies of three photographs of Townshend playing a similar guitar and a copy of an interview in ‘Guitarist’ magazine, June 1990. Cooper Owen auction house auctioned a body of an SG Special smashed by Pete in 1969. 14 Feb. 1970, Leeds University, stage setup of Pete’s rig, one customised Hiwatt DR103 and two CP103 amps with four Hiwatt 4×12 cabs. document.write('Photo: Doug Hartley/PhotoFlashbacks, courtesy thewho.org.'); And I was into Jimi Hendrix, it was a fuzz box number. Click to view larger version 9 Sept. 1972, Paris, closeup of a Gold Top Les Paul Deluxe, left, and last known use of a cherry Gibson SG Special, right, at stageside. February–March 1969, recording sessions for Tommy, with Pete playing a 1968 Gibson SG Special. He wrote “Pinball Wizard” on his J-200, which starred on The Who’s Tommy album. Pete Townshend has regularly stated that the Gibson SG was his guitar of preference, and this model was his main stage guitar until the early 1970s when the model specifications changed. 105078) in Polaris White, for auction at Christie’s. In his standard setup from December 1968 through 1971 (and then on and off until 1973 as he experimented with Gibson Les Paul Deluxes and other guitars, before returning briefly to Polaris White Gibson SG Specials), Pete used Cherry Red Gibson SG Specials plugged into a Univox Super Fuzz pedal, then into his Sound City as Hiwatt or Hiwatt “stack.”. December 1971, custom-made Gibson SG Special, natural color, featuring stop tailpiece and Gibson Tune-o-Matic bridge. The body has the holes where the original Vibrola would have been removed prior to being used, a standard modification by Townshend. // ]]> -->,