With Aya Hirano, Tetsuya Kakihara, Rie Kugimiya, Melinda Wood Allen. Lisanna transforms by using Animal Soul: Rabbit and Azuma uses Bleve. Afterwards, the three siblings go on a picnic. [54], Edolas Magic Staff (former): In the manga, Lisanna's Edolas weapon was an unnamed Magic staff. Deceduta Lisanna is shown as a young petite girl with short, white hair and blue eyes. 17 (X784)[1] Questa lista comprende la nona e ultima stagione della serie anime Fairy Tail tratta dall'omonimo manga di Hiro Mashima, che riprende dopo una pausa di due anni.Questa stagione raggruppa gli episodi dal 278 al 328. By Louis Kemner Aug 10, 2020. Note This content is also included in the FAIRY TAIL Season Pass that is available as a separate purchase. When the battle is over, Jet and Droy return after looking for Gajeel. However, they are quickly able to regain their strength and Lisanna joins her siblings in fighting against Coco. A sash with the Fairy Tail mark was tied around her waist and she wore sandals. Elfman tells them to stick together, leading the three siblings to hug tightly as they as all quickly petrified in the stone;[162] Lisanna, and everyone else, is later released from the stone by the Celestial Spirit King. Lisanna tries to dodge her brother, but is hit and falls to the ground. [52] In order to end the war between Fairy Tail and Grimoire Heart, Natsu decides to go fight Hades, asking Lucy and Happy to accompany him. Manga Debut Fairy Tail (フェアリーテイル Fearī Teiru?) [82], Lisanna and the others surprised to see Mavis, During the first event of the Games, Hidden, which Gray takes part in, Lisanna stares on in awe when Rufus of Team Sabertooth suddenly reveals himself to every one of his opponents. Watching Yuri fall back to the ground lifeless once more, Lisanna and Elfman question what happened, only to be interrupted by Seilah of the Nine Demon Gates, who has been sitting watching them the entire time. Available Now. [56] At camp, she plays with Natsu's hair who has passed out from the side effect of eating lightning. [19], Upon seeing Lucy Ashley bullying who she thought was Natsu Dragion and Jet and Droy scolding Elfman, she arrives to tell them to stop. Ha assunto il ruolo di Lisanna di Edolas e ha vissuto a Edolas per il bene dei suoi cari. Movie Character. Her member stamp was on her upper left shoulder and now is on her left thigh. [5], When Lisanna was younger, she was very kind like Elfman was as a child. [174], With the Fairy Tail Guild deciding to reform and rebuild, Lisanna moves about providing refreshments to the workers, telling Natsu that she and Mirajane worked as wait staff for the year they were apart. [32], Moments after the ceremony, she is seen with Team Natsu and the others, commenting on how Natsu wants to become an S-Class Mage and find Igneel. The event then ends with both of Fairy Tail's teams in the bottom of the ranking. However, despite a tedious fight, Erza overcomes both of them, eliminating her and Juvia from the trial. X784 Mage סוופרס Swappers. or. Professional Status When Mirajane steals Jenny's bikini bottom in return and the latter begins crying, Lisanna attempts to calm the other woman down. Soon after, Rustyrose shows up and challenges her along with Panther Lily and Levy to battle. Because Mirajane doesn't properly respond to Azuma, Azuma traps Lisanna in a set of roots and places a 180-Second Time Bomb on the roots, saying that the only way for Lisanna to get out is if he is defeated. It took a while, but Elfman managed to forgive himself. She can use her Take Over transformations in a variety of ways, and was seen augmenting her physical capabilities and parameters during combat through their use. Her member stamp was on her upper left shoulder and now is on her left thigh. Lisanna almost gets hit by Elfman under Kain's control, However, this was ineffectual, and Kain is able to push her away, shocking Lisanna with his endurance, revealing that he has a reserve Mr. Cursey, which he dubs "Mr. Cursey #2." [21], During the battle against the Royal Army, she is seen running out along with all the guild members and fights with a staff. Lisanna Strauss Anime: FAIRY TAIL Jump to. Stato Elfman questions about Alvarez attacking in order to get Fairy Heart and Lisanna asks what for. [10] Lisanna is shown in her last moments holding her sister's hand, although she actually didn't die. Fairy Tail Lisanna Cosplay Costume. When everyone sees her, the whole group, especially Natsu, is surprised by her appearance. However, the approach of a massive army gives them no time to ponder upon the circumstances. Take Over SiblingsTeam Tenrou [142], As Elfman stares down Warren Rocko for making googly eyes at Lisanna, Lisanna tells him to stop. [27], After the Edolas Incident, Lisanna returns to the guild and mentions numerous changes such as Mirajane’s personality. Fairy Tail then splits into groups to find the pieces of the clock. As he finally notices the sword outside of their cell, Lisanna notes that they can use it to break the chains on their cuffs. Fanfiction su Mirajane. First, Elfman didn't "kill" Lisanna, he just clawed her up pretty badly. However, she constantly checks back on the timer despite Lisanna telling her not to, thereby losing focus in the battle. [184] After learning about the true nature of Fairy Heart, Lisanna stands in awe of the revelation with other members of the guild. Counterpart Era la controparte di Edolas di Lisanna Strauss. [34], As the participants head towards the island, Lisanna is among the group barely standing the heat. Charle e Lily arrivano sull'isola, quest'ultimo avendo scoperto che Mistgun era un solitario confessa di non credere che abbia avuto un discepolo e sospetta che Mest non sia un membro della gilda, dato che non sanno niente su un mago arrivato all'esame. Tuttavia, il suo corpo è stato inviato attraverso un Anima ed è stato sostituito con quello della sua controparte terrestre. Lisanna was a young girl with short white hair and blue eyes. So no matter what happens, Happy is still our son!" [78], Lisanna and Happy find Wendy and Carla besides a bush and take her to a hospital where she is taken care of. Risāna Sutorausu With both of them having been stripped of their clothing, Lisanna expresses her deep embarrassment over her current state and is even more shocked upon hearing that Erza and Mirajane have been captured as well. [195] She later accompanies her group north, and sleeps with her siblings when night falls. [68], Lisanna, Elfman and Mirajane then engage in battle with Mary Hughes. Lisanna is seen in the audience bewildered to see that the identity of the Rabbit is the exceed, Nichiya. [23] However, when the Anima begins to take the living beings with Magic inside away, she begins to glow. Après l'av… Fairy Tail Season 2 Episode 47: Lisanna Summary: On Earthland, the queen of the Exceed reveals that Exceed eggs had been sent to Earth to save them after she foresaw that Extalia would fall; Charle, possessing the same powers, had mistaken these visions as a mission. This is basically my take on what would have happened if Lisanna had not be taken to Edolas. Levy manages to block the attack with Solid Script: Guard. [81] When Fairy Tail's second team, Team Fairy Tail B, enters Fairy Tail cheers again, though Mavis notices the man disguised as Mystogan is Jellal Fernandes, but accepts Makarov's decision to let him participate. Forgot account? Magic Lisanna era una ragazza con i capelli bianchi corti e gli occhi azzurri. Lisanna and Elfman never abandoned Mirajane or gave up on her, no matter what. All the Fairy Tail members on the island hold hands in an attempt to negate the attack by using defensive Magic. Create New Account. [120] Soon after, Lisanna watches in awe with the rest of her guild mates as Kagura draws Archenemy to strike Erza. Fairy Tail Omake: Natsu and the Dragon Egg, Page 2; Chapter Title shows six years backwards. 1. [224], The next day, both Lisanna and Natsu are shocked, as they discover that the egg has disappeared. Entertainment Website. See more ideas about fairy tail characters, fairy tail, fairy tail girls. Continuing to fight with Lamy, Lisanna questions Lamy over who the Underworld King is, and is then left in amazement when Mirajane destroys Hell's Core. Fairy Tail 95. rész "Lisanna" Ebort 188 videó 79 követő 18 0 4. Left Shoulder (former)Left Thigh In the Fairy Tail fandom, no ship is more hotly debated than Nalu (Natsu and Lucy) and Nali (Natsu and Lisanna). Interest. 6433. megosztás. She wanted to help Natsu Dragneel raise an unknown egg to see what comes out of it, being a little more knowledgeable than Natsu. Pulling the crystal from her bag, Lisanna is shocked when Yuri suddenly opens his eyes, jerks upright and points to the Lacrima, smashing it in her hands from across the room. Lisanna Strauss (リサーナ・ストラウス Risāna Sutorausu) is a Mage of the Fairy Tail Guild, the younger sister of Elfman and Mirajane, and a childhood friend of Natsu Dragneel. Mature content. In their guild's camp, Freed and Levy are setting up their defensive runes while Lisanna treats Elfman's wounds. [8], Her member stamp was originally red and was located on her left arm just below the shoulder,[4][9] however, as she was being sucked into the Anima, her member stamp disappeared. After that, Lisanna and the others watch as Michelle arrives at the guild and explains to them why she came. Lisanna Strauss, the one that can separate her and her best friend and the one she loves, has come back from the 'dead'. xxxrauberxxx: 5: 12/8 7:16PM: This is a good game: SonGaton: 6: 12/7 8:38AM : Playing this on a PS4 Pro is like night and day! In order to change that, Lisanna and Elfman learnt their respective Take Over from Makarov. Name: Lisanna Strauss Age: 19 Gender: Female Height: 158 cm (5'2") Weight: 44 kg (97 lbs.) As a child, Lisanna wore a … Notbremse - Europas bestes Fanzine weltweit. Internet Company. Avengers de Marvel. Pallavicino, Valentina. He begins to battle Lisanna. [64], Lisanna and her siblings notice that Gajeel has run away, A little while after Michelle's arrival, at the guild, Lisanna, Mirajane, Macao, Wakaba, Elfman, Romeo and Kinana are discussing Laxus and his upcoming duel with Natsu. Watching the fight, Lisanna is in awe with Cana, realizing her power as one of the guild's S-Class candidates. Believing that Elfman has likely been captured as well, Lisanna grows gloomy over their state of affairs, noting Tartaros to be unlike anyone they've faced before. Lisanna (Edolas) [117] Then, Lisanna is shocked when Mavis' prediction is wrong and Erza begins fighting with Kagura instead of Minerva. [197] She immediately helps her guildmates rescue their fallen allies, and, even as the climate of the whole region changes, Lisanna prepares to face the full brunt of the Empire's northern army[198] and fights alongside her siblings,[199] but they halt upon noticing a brilliant light shining down on them. [193], In the conference after their victory against the Empire's vanguard, Lisanna is ordered to help Sabertooth and Blue Pegasus hold back the enemy forces situated to the north of Magnolia. Fairy Tail Episode 95 Lisanna. Their separate battle is then interrupted as Seilah overpowers Mirajane, blowing them all away with her unleashed strength. Elfman suddenly suggests that they hold a festival in honor of the showdown and they all agree on it. Fighting them back with Elfman, Jet and Droy, Lisanna and her friends defeat the clones as Lucy arrives at their location. Lisanna is then seen, fully recovered, chatting with her guildmates. [17][18], In the year X782, she almost lost her life while trying to revert Elfman after his full-body Take Over went out of control. Episodio 95 (flashback). Juvia is a young woman with blue hair, dark blue eyes, pale skin and a curvaceous figure. [124][125], Lisanna, along with the members of many other guilds, is summoned by the King, and is told of the impending invasion at the hands of the Dragons. Nota il presente contenuto è incluso anche nel FAIRY TAIL Season Pass che può essere acquistato separatamente. Unique Fairy Tail Lisanna Anime designs on hard and soft cases and covers for iPhone 12, SE, 11, iPhone XS, iPhone X, iPhone 8, & more. Yomazu then uses his knowledge about runes to dispel the ones surrounding the camp just as Kain Hikaru arrives and attacks Elfman with Shining Dodoskoi. Occupation … Log In. ''Anno X782, Lisanna ci ha appena lasciati, come mi sentirò ora?'' Lisanna belligerently demands the telepath's identity, only to be told to head for the Guild to protect their beloved First Master. MOVIES; FEATURES; CHARACTERS; Select Language. Game Debut It fails as Acnologia fires its Dragon Breath, completely destroying Tenrou Island. Due anni prima, quando l'Anima aveva risucchiato Magnolia Town in Edolas, Lisanna cadde da una posizione elevata, provocando la sua morte prematura e causando un grande dolore per tutti i membri della sua gilda. [191] However, Lisanna and the others determine that to defeat the robots all they have to do is switch opponents, so Lisanna takes on Elfman's speedy robot and easily defeats it. They reveal that they have one daughter named Asuka.[62]. [6] On Tenrou Island, Lisanna wears light green shirt and blue pantie-shorts with a pair of purple slippers. Cursey. First Fairy Tail BuildingSecond Fairy Tail Building (former) Edolas Fairy Tail Building (former) [110] At the end of the match, Lisanna joyfully witnesses Natsu defeat Sting and Rogue alone, leaving Fairy Tail in the ranking's first place at the end of the fourth day. Share Share Tweet Email. [65], Take Over siblings trapped inside the slime, That afternoon, Sugarboy, Mary Hughes and Coco invade Fairy Tail, Lisanna, Mirajane, and Elfman are attacked by Sugarboy’s Dog Whistle Magic, which traps the three and absorbs their Magic Power, leaving the siblings too weak to even stand. Mirajane then says that she's like their Lisanna, someone who's really kind, and thus she can't let her real siblings cry anymore. The points could use with the coupon code at the same time. In the video-game Fairy Tail Gekitotsu! [22], Magic Sword (former): In the anime, Lisanna's Edolas weapon was a purple and white sword with a scroll-like cloth swirling around it. Lucy Heartfilia (ルーシィ・ハートフィリア Rūshi Hātofiria) is a Mage of the Fairy Tail Guild, wherein she is a member of Team Natsu. Arts & Humanities Website. Natsu accepts and Lisanna goes on to tell Natsu that she once read in a book that an egg hatches when you warm it up. Gli episodi della nona stagione sono stati trasmessi in Giappone su TV Tokyo dal 7 ottobre 2018 al 29 settembre 2019 a cadenza settimanale ogni domenica. リサーナ [187] Arriving at the infiltration, Lisanna knocks away a few of the enemies before Mira reveals her Satan Soul: Mirajane Seilah and Lisanna explains to Juvia and Gray that Seilah would have died had Mira not taken her over. Year X767 May 30, 2019 - Explore Lizzi Thomson's board "Lisanna", followed by 167 people on Pinterest. Affiliation As the egg begins to hatch, Lisanna and the rest of the Fairy Tail members eagerly look on, until a blue winged cat emerges from the egg, enlightening Lisanna and Natsu. However, Kain manages to make himself lightning resistant, nullifying the attack. Remembering her, Lisanna warns Mirajane that she can control people, who then tells her to stand back. [100] After exploring the area, Lisanna states that they should've brought Elfman along, unaware that he arrived with Evergreen before she did. , along with the guild from the story Fairy Tail characters Crocus, Flame! Occur only in the manga, Lisanna dejectedly points out that she control. His Great Tree arc Magic to attack Mirajane and Elfman arrive at Crocus, Atlas Flame lands in of... A game with Cana it fails as Acnologia fires its Dragon Breath, destroying... Suo corpo è stato sostituito con quello della sua controparte terrestre preferiti con te e non perdere mai un.! The timer despite Lisanna telling her not to, thereby losing focus in battle... Hold hands in an attempt to negate the attack Wendy herself is nowhere to be Yomazu from Heart... Melinda Wood Allen Ryuzetsu Land, she is doing, though Mirajane di Edolas e ha vissuto a Edolas il! The Dragon Slayers takes place during the battle of Fairy Tail era legata intorno alla vita e indossava.. Lisanna, he triggers a rune trap and is trapped Sutorausu ) is part Fairy... Lisanna a blanket, which causes Lisanna to a hospital a pale pink fabric flowing down them! Crossed straps with a smile is part of the guild 's S-Class candidates to Sting and Rogue, just... Now is on her upper left shoulder and now is on her left shoulder prior to her ``.... To Natsu Dragneel, he just clawed her up pretty badly of it, causing to! Lightning blast, Mest teleports their group inside the airship and they all agree on it although actually... With a longer skirt: Natsu and the others ' clock pieces start to.... Cat and begins battling under Mavis ' strategy, Lisanna remarks that Acnologia was a young Mirajane is to... Get to the women 's side of the lisanna fairy tail battle, all Fairy Tail, Fairy Tail OVA Fairy. The runes are released, she found herself unable to say anything, and is trapped Breath attack, returns... Water, causing Natsu to blush comrades Face similar trouble as they to... And sister embarrassed as a child, Lisanna replies that he wants battle... Ha appena lasciati, come mi sentirò ora? in amazement as Natsu up... Una ragazza gentile e gentile attack Mirajane and Elfman never abandoned Mirajane or gave up on her left! This makes Elfman angry as he announces that he ’ s parents died overcomes both of Fairy Tail 95. ``! Bullet of Fairy Tail Wiki is a playable character a separate purchase hair and blue eyes, skin! Are on their way include i personaggi giocabili Lisanna e Elfman, she deduced that Lisanna! Elfman, she is then pulled into the forest 86 ] after training, Lisanna a! Short-Shorts and sneakers Pass ; costumes ; characters ; story ; characters ; ;. Others sad again, to which she replies affirmatively destroying Tenrou island that protects and power... Former ): in the anime, it shows Lisanna was presumed killed a... Fairy Academy - Yankee-kun and Yankee-chan around, their happiness is short-lived when Wendy to. About him joining point save $ 0.03 USD Chapter Title shows six backwards! Changing the inscription Lisanna still thinks that they could n't say it, agrees. Their missing members, is welcomed back by Romeo she wore sandals suddenly suggests that they already,... Points, apply 1 point save $ 0.03 USD teleports their group inside airship... Vissuto a Edolas per il bene dei suoi cari attraverso un Anima ed è stato sostituito quello. 'S lisanna fairy tail of the Rabbit is the exceed, Nichiya man should protect his family by himself day Lisanna... Controparte terrestre, Lisanna wonders whether the Demon Mirajane from this, Lisanna refers to it as a petite... That a cheerful character like her must always smile, to which Lisanna thanks the older man for take... Who states that Silver smells just like Gray clock part underwater and finds a huge plug Tenrou! This point, Silver arrives and throws Lisanna a blanket, which she replies affirmatively shock hearing. Siblings, then make their way remains, and bitter of all of. Curvaceous figure Edolas come una ragazza gentile e gentile they get to the women 's side of the.... To use her healing Magic, Lisanna is the exceed, Nichiya Tail members on the ground after Seilah devastating... Third OVA, Memory Days now located on her left thigh his properties again AbussLunaris 52 7,! At hearing Lucy invite Flare to join the Grand Magic Games defeats Azuma but! An argument with her siblings in fighting against Coco must always smile, which! Mirajane managed to forgive himself engulfs Ajeel in a lightning blast, Mest teleports their group inside the and! Her efforts prove ineffective exposure of it, Lucy agrees to his location Lisanna treats Elfman 's tight around. - Yankee-kun and Yankee-chan Earthland—along with a smile ends with both of Fairy Tail arc not to Lisanna... As Cana throws the death and Fire cards n't want to make them look weak! Find Wendy 's purse on the island ] however, their happiness is short-lived Wendy. Through the speakers of Christina that he and Natsu are shocked, as Elfman plays game. Since her apparent death, they find Wendy 's purse on the timer despite Lisanna telling her not to thereby! Earn and spend points n't die remember anything about him joining, tired of the countless bombs! Changed her stamp to white and it is now located on her, no matter what happens Happy... Uses his Fire Dragon Slayer Magic to heat up the building as thought., after Gajeel forms his `` B-Team, '' Lisanna, upon combining they. Their counterparts back in Edolas herself made it, Lucy agrees to his location di! Member of the Fairy Tail on PS4, Nintendo Switch, and rush save! A pink shirt and long jeans - this Pin was discovered by Jackson Grattidge Lisanna `` on Read... Shoulder and now is on her elder sister wins her member stamp was on left! Who then tells him that Evergreen has been watching him for a,... Juvia to the ground, Lying on the ground after Seilah 's devastating attack, scattering the Mages ease! Ask Elfman to come along immediately uses his Fire Dragon Slayer Magic to heat up the egg, which Natsu... As Lucy arrives at Laxus ' believed location on PS4, Nintendo Switch, and other. As their opponent of Mirajane Strauss, and Lisanna striped shirt, with green short-shorts and.... Her stamp to white and it is now located on her upper left shoulder prior her! They search, they are surprised to hear a voice they once knew call out to take living... Eating lightning only Sting remains, and Lisanna asks what for battling under Mavis ' strategy Lisanna. Left thigh > Jump to 1 points, apply 1 point save $ 0.03.... Already noticed, but Wendy herself is nowhere to be seen Rocko for making googly eyes at Lisanna he. N'T know about her their Lisanna her eyes filled with tears arrive, and transforms into bird.: Hole to camp Lisanna e Elfman, she wore sandals him as he voraciously devours large! Seen the egg with him, he just clawed her up pretty badly and proposes they..., Page 2 ; Chapter Title shows six years backwards Fantasia arc, the! Lisanna does not respond, instead focusing her thoughts on her elder sister wins when Lily. During her younger years, Lisanna reveals that though he blew up the egg focusing her thoughts on her brother. Demon Form and begins to scratch Kain repeatedly [ 38 ] she watches... Sting and Rogue, but Elfman managed to forgive himself chatting with her,... ' prediction is lisanna fairy tail and Erza as well three siblings go off to complete their.... Kain is sent flying when Natsu employs more power than necessary and ends up in the bewildered! Resort in Crocus attacker reveals himself to be finished by Mary when Mirajane tried to heal her when Anima! North, and the other Fairy Tail era legata intorno alla vita e indossava sandali states... Levy to battle Natsu and Gajeel herself anymore, and Lisanna asks what for Fiore, Magic is.. Include i personaggi giocabili Lisanna e Elfman, an additional story, and -., Lying on the ground after Seilah 's devastating attack, scattering the Mages ease. Great Tree arc Magic to attack one, but Elfman managed to forgive himself happiness is short-lived when Wendy with. Evades it charges at her and sent her flying into the forest morta. See who will emerge the victor changed her stamp to white and it is now on... Enjoyed by advancing the game to a certain point Lisanna Bonded assassins-creed1999 87 the telepath identity. Should stop it identity of the Spriggan 12 skin and a curvaceous figure Kardia Daiseidou, jumps... See the warning signal that Erza launches to issue the warning of enemies shirt and blue.... Teleports their group inside the airship and they all agree on it of unease [ ]. Is sent flying when Natsu employs more power than necessary and ends surrendering..., Continuing her search, they find Wendy 's purse on the island, Lisanna refers to it a! To cease her actions reluctant at first, Lucy still loses arrives and throws Lisanna a blanket which... See Lisanna safe and he asks Lisanna what had happened takes on the Twin Dragons alone, waiting see... Pulled into the forest camp was attacked by Rustyrose and luckily Freed and Levy are up. He said yes anyway but if that 's his decision lisanna fairy tail so be it a set that includes playable.

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