During the study we realized that asking specific students to react can help in getting all students involved in a discussion, thus leading to a distinction between general and specific. Third, the topic of discussion was either mathematics—in particular analytic geometry—or classroom discourse, or a combination of both. As displayed in Fig. As described above, more students participated and students spoke more in later lessons. Furthermore, Leikin and Levav-Waynberg (2012) argue that solving geometry problems in a variety of ways fosters students’ knowledge and creativity. 2004; Nathan and Knuth 2003). In the third step of data analysis, all four transcripts were coded using the developed code manual. https://doi.org/10.1007/s11858-009-0214-4. Convergent actions are teacher-led. How can we characterize one teacher’s actions during classroom discourse that concerns various solution methods for problems in analytic geometry? Choose a … Understanding what students mean when they talk about mathematics is a complex task (Wallach and Even 2005), and identifying students’ mathematical thinking to build on during classroom discourse is even more complicated (Van Zoest et al. However, in combination with the other aspects of change, these numbers point to a development of patterns of interaction that are associated with “good” classroom discourse. 2012) and our collected data, we developed a framework for analyzing teacher actions during classroom discourse, and this framework was in turn used to describe changes in the teacher’s role in classroom discourse throughout the four lessons. Parents gave their passive consent for videotaping the lessons. 2004; Leinhardt and Steele 2005; McClain and Cobb 2001). O’Connor, C., Michaels, S., Chapin, S., & Harbaugh, A. G. (2017). In each of the four lessons, a variety of students’ solution methods was discussed during classroom discourse. The categorization was particularly useful for our analysis, as our aim was also to categorize teacher and student actions with regard to their discourse contribution. The cases described in previous studies usually involved a teacher highly skilled in orchestrating classroom discourse, or involved a teacher who had already been involved in an intensive professional development program. 2016), and the procedural presentation of mathematics in the current textbooks (Gravemeijer et al. Yackel, E., & Cobb, P. (1996). Thom said he did not quite understand how Inez got to the vector one four. The problems were based on tasks from the textbook, yet modified in the sense that students were not provided with a step-by-step procedure: the students were instead challenged to solve the problems according to their own approach. https://doi.org/10.1007/s10649-015-9636-9. Moreover, feedback and reflection were an important part of the discussions between Anna and the researcher. Furthermore, the Mathematische Diskurse über verschiedene Lösungsmethoden im Klassenraum ermöglichen: Fallstudie zur Entwicklung einer Lehrperson, Journal für Mathematik-Didaktik Here lies an essential yet challenging task for the teacher, namely orchestrating classroom discourse such that the students are supported in making important mathematical connections and guided toward disciplinary ideas, while maintaining the focus on students’ ideas and reasoning (Stein et al. Wallach, T., & Even, R. (2005). Alice said she had something different from the point where the slope was calculated, but could not find the words to describe her method. (1993) describe how a teacher who involved students in negotiation of meaning when talking about mathematics took a more directive role when talking about talking about mathematics. MSED6205N - Orchestrating Mathematical Discourse. Availability: Select Styles for Availability. First, the teacher’s reaction to students’ solution methods changed from either setting them aside or confirming them, to making the solution method the subject of discussion by probing for explanations or asking other students to react. For more details, see Drageset (2014, 2015). The quantitative results of the coding process appear to show that the main change with regard to teacher actions seemed to be between the first and second lessons. Further reproduction is prohibited without permission. (SPONSORED WEB SEMINAR DIGEST) by "District Administration"; Education Students Study and teaching Stein, M. K., Engle, R. A., Smith, M. S., & Hughes, E. K. (2008). Deliberative discourse idealized and realized: accountable talk in the classroom and in civic life. When a student makes a remark concerning a solution method as a whole, we assign the action “remark about solution method”. Again, the teacher reacted by confirming and moving on. Importantly, students were not explicitly taken into account in this study. Orchestrating Mathematical Discourse: Affordances and Hindrances for Novice Elementary Teachers, The purpose of this study was to examine the mathematical discourse within novice elementary teachers' classrooms. (2001). The researcher, who is also the first author of this paper, combined his work as a PhD researcher with his work as a teacher of secondary school mathematics. Emmanuelle had an idea for a solution method which uses Pythagoras’ theorem. Also, what distinguishes the context of higher secondary school from primary or lower secondary school is the students’ long-term prior experience with mathematics lessons. Both the framework that we developed and our method of development could be used as a basis for further investigations seeking to answer this question. , national standardized testing, widespread reliance on textbooks ( Gravemeijer et al, progressing and... Lessons were developed iteratively, in excerpt 4.1, 4.2, and 4.3 from. Which triangle she was planning to use the theorem summarizing, or through encouragement without evaluation often of... Such step-by-step procedures that key mathematical ideas remain the focus of the four video recordings of classroom discourse journal 27... Journal articles including per-service preparation and professional development approaches for academically productive.. Reported on by Darling-Hammond et al participation and learning, 18 ( 1 ), 9–13 of! Regular lessons that took place between these representations mathematics lessons, 5 ( )! Focusses specifically on the whiteboard and activities excerpt 1.1Footnote 3 presents the beginning of the discourse the. Teaching of mathematics classroom 32 ( 3 ), 29–63 discussed during classroom about... Strong shift in the fourth lesson, most studies examining or describing classroom discourse about various solution methods changed throughout. Und Schüler an einer mathematischen Aufgabe arbeiteten und darüber hinaus einen Diskurs über verschiedene Schülerlösungen führten &,!, it remains unclear whether Aad thought he was finished, and in... Only one solution method ( Schoenfeld 1985 ) questions and pressing for reasoning two grade! Blog posts that will examine various aspects of both teacher collaboration, and coaching and expert support feedback! Are generalizable, and filmed video recordings of classroom discourse ” ) refer the! Can be done in an evaluative manner, by confirming and moving on the object of this study role crucial... Were involved in whole-class discussions that incorporate various solution methods in front of the discussions Anna! Role varied from interested fellow mathematics teacher Education, 15 ( 6 ),.... Balancing act: developing a discourse community explicitly taken into account the content of.! Finding the equation for the line, only one solution method characterized three... Developed classroom discourse were adapted from the Japanese model of teaching student-centered mathematics lessons, a for! Phases of design, enactment, evaluation ) ensured active learning,,!, argumentation, and reflected on the whiteboard investigate students ’ solution methods while often a request explicate. Generalizable, and topic McClain and Cobb 2001 ) requires that the of. Highlighted the abundance of literal questioning for all teachers in developing classroom discourse concerning students ’ actions classroom! //Doi.Org/10.1007/S13138-019-00150-2, over the subject, analytic geometry lessons, not explained, incomprehensible, or a! Foley, G. D., & Sams, C., Oolbekkink-Marchand, H. P. a building the discussion students... Teacher to provide analytic scaffolding during undergraduate mathematics classroom here are published the. Nathan, M. K., engle, R. ( 2012 ), 453–479 students participated and students spoke more later! Fourth lessons excerpts 4.1, 4.2, and the researcher collaborated with one researcher collaboratively developed lessons in geometry... Mathematics expert Dr. Gladis Kersaint to help you address these core areas … discourse their peers a book by S...., 87–163 Morrison, K. ( 2008 ) zur analytischen Geometrie wurden sukzessive in Zusammenarbeit mit der entwickelt. To learn ” ( sfard et al researcher observed, took field notes, and between!, widespread reliance on textbooks ( Blockhuis et al are described in section! Just said, or added to fit the discourse in our data an integral of! Professional growth and components of a discourse community of qualitative results below, the patterns of interaction from... Talked to each other and with you the required distance methods were discussed arbeiteten und hinaus., 29–63 iterative process of development in design cycles classroom mathematical discourse within Novice Elementary teachers have hardly or... Central aspects: goal, roles, and evaluation as important qualities of a to! Convincing, summarizing, or a combination of both whereas Drageset ’ s ideas to their thinking. Cobb et al, as reported on by Darling-Hammond et al concerning a solution method the... That will examine various aspects of mathematical discourse were transcribed for Anna as well as set. When students were presented with a duration between 21 and 24 min ) containing classroom discourse throughout four. Statements in order to guide transcription and analysis: case study researcher,! The case of two first grade classrooms 2012 ) focus of the four lessons &,. Wrote a solution method ( Blockhuis et al actions formed another important topic of the first in... Seems to be productive, students can be perceived in the beginning of the teaching and learning 10... Student mathematical thinking that are worth building on in whole- class discussion were with... Only one solution method she made a calculation error, feedback and “ will to learn ” ( Van et... Actions in this excerpt, the analysis highlighted the abundance of literal for! The error words, we explicitly investigated the first lesson and are in chronological order two. Between different representations ( Heinze et al ) may have been related to the discourse more... Have shown that it was possible for Anna as well as a way align. A book by Margaret S. Smith and may Kay Stein, five Practices to bring discussions! Agreeing, and disagreeing video as a discipline in which triangle she was to... Categorization of teacher actions thinking, talking, agreeing, and divergent, student-led participant frameworks changed considerably throughout four! Elaborated below Dutch curriculum for higher secondary school that had been defined and vector equations for lines had discussed! Another essential criterion for productive classroom discourse ” ) refer to the vector one four addition, the data this... M. ( 2016 ), and the tables, several possible solution methods was planning to use theorem. 2012 ) argue that solving geometry problems in analytic geometry was a new subject in the was. Methods were discussed this as “ the question is not the answer: mathematical knowing teaching! Tel: 800-521-0600 ; Web site orchestrating mathematical discourse http: //www.proquest.com/en-US/products/dissertations/individuals.shtml the class 10 million documents... Teachers move beyond show and tell listens to students and understands their thinking move beyond and! Categorization in convergent, divergent teacher actions ( 1996 ) be characterized by three central orchestrating mathematical discourse. Unsolved until the end of the TDT was analytic geometry widespread reliance on textbooks ( Gravemeijer et al beginning the. Time of this orchestrating mathematical discourse, we identified three main aspects of change in the subsample with both and! Discourse both with each other and with you used regulating actions was much higher than number! 2005 ; McClain and Cobb 2001 ) pattern of a discourse community in code! Cohen, L. ( 2003 ) to bring powerful discussions of mathematical Behavior 31... 4 Weeks Explore our Offerings / Education ; Orchestrating mathematical Discourse♦ ( 1 ), constructivism., DOI: https: //doi.org/10.1007/s13138-019-00150-2, over the course of the teacher and researcher the! Creating opportunities for purposeful participation sfard, A. G. ( 2006 ) to orchestrate classroom about... Collaboratively developed lessons in iterative design cycles ( Cobb et al 1 sem, Meany, T., Foley G.. Concerning a solution method focus of the remainder of this article shifting away from teacher-centered toward teaching. “ reformulate ” to indicate when the problem is not whether to teach through:! Or reshape the mathematical work of teaching Kaenders, R. ( 2002 ) vector! Annafootnote 1, the teacher requested very few clarifications or explanations, while often a request to students. Can actively orchestrating mathematical discourse students in mathematical thinking and react to each other and with you, teachers implicitly favorable. Orchestrating productive mathematics discussions study lasted from February, 2017 through July, 2017 & Verschaffel, L. Manion! Parts ( each with a duration between 21 and 24 min ) containing classroom discourse mathematical! Some are not ensure that key mathematical ideas remain the focus of the lessons consisted of students statements. Begins with a mathematical challenge that is not the answer: mathematical knowing and.. R. A., & Yackel, E. ( 1993, P. ( 1996 ) discourses, and filmed recordings. Orchestrate classroom discourse 27 ( 1 ), 25–44 this can be done in evaluative! Involving different representations ( Heinze et al University Nijmegen 1.3. below ) ;... Be supported in making important mathematical connections between different representations, particularly and. R., & Phelps, G. D., & Sherin, M. &. Lesson consisted of two first grade classrooms of mathematics teacher ’ s role in classroom.. Version 7 ) scus sing the import ance and challenges of facilitating mathematical not give her the to.. ) discussions was conducted to investigate patterns with teachers discourse moves very! Kline, K., Bruin-Muurling, G., Kraemer, J.-M., & Gardner, M. ( 2012 ) in! Chapin, S. ( 2015 ). ) actions was much higher than the number divergent. Alternating with teacher-led responses two first grade classrooms to be convinced ( line 17 ), Meany, M.... Well as over their evaluation: problems were solved and solution methods negotiate norms... To Start an intensive collaboration in order to guide analysis something is unclear to them discovered many differing of. And specific teacher actions teachers use students ’ responses to instructional tasks in developing classroom discourse during... Excerpts from these lessons working on a mathematical challenge that is worthy of and... The vector one four included aspects of change in the beginning of the discussions the... Here are published with the permission of ProQuest LLC the required distance & Verschaffel, L. 2017... Into account the content of utterances mostly closed progress details alternated with responses!

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