Whether you’re just curious, ready to get started or even several cosplays deep, this panel is a great opportunity to learn how to work a project from start to finish. In celebration of the release of the second volume of the fan-favorite Oni Press series, The Long Con, creators Dylan Meconis and Ben Coleman host another epic storytelling event, alongside friends from the comics creator community; sharing their convention adventures—horrific, romantic, and comedic, because sometimes the truth can be even stranger than fiction…. Monster … a Jedi comes on stage to ask contestants to help him remember the names Star Wars characters). WonderCon. We’ll be examining the people who offered Harry guidance — whether it was wise or foolish — and how well they took on that role. Keep checking back for more to be added to the list! Are Girls Turning into Killer Cats? Five of Rose City’s raddest Dungeon Masters, members of Portland’s own Orcs! We  will discuss how enriching this life is as we get older. From today’s hits like Mob Psycho 100 and Berserk, to the return of old-school classics like Star Blazers 2199, to modern tastes with our fun food story Ms. Koizumi Loves Ramen Noodles and dystopian murder mystery Danganronpa…even to manga versions of Wes Anderson’s Isle of Dogs and H.P. If you’re a Whovian, this is a panel you won’t want to miss! How do Queer creators navigate professional waters while using their own lived experiences as buzzwords? Kids Save the World: LARPing, Learning, and Education (50 min). Welcome to Astronomy 101! LeftField Media, LLC is an events company focused on developing face-to-face events in a range of communities rooted in contemporary culture and shared passion. Jenny Lewis! Including NYT best selling author and former Oregonian columnist, Chelsea Cain, Lia Miternique, Elise McCall, and 14-year-old phenoms Eliza Fantastic Mohan, Stella Greenvoss, and Emily Powell. Maybe you remember M.A.S.K.? Both of those had taken place in Miami. My kid, Alvah seems immune to the sickness this year and skated through untouched and was extremely ready to walk the hallowed halls of RCCC. The two hour walking tour will cover the most haunted 40 blocks in Portland. Aug 29-30. We’ll cover a lot of ground from research and pattern making to choosing materials and finish work. A ticket to this magical after party includes tastings of … As part of our commitment to provide members with resources to help you grow your businesses, we know many consider the importance of B2C events when formulating annual marketing budgets. Do you want a chance to meet other makers who can help you learn new skills and encourage you in the ones you already have? It’s the biggest convention of the year. Dr Erin Macdonald (a former member of LIGO) will discuss the history behind the detection, share some fun stories, and what these discoveries mean for astrophysics going forward. Included will be a reviewer, podcasters, and cosplayer. Best yet, there will be time for questions! Featuring Paul Peterson, Manny Trembley, and Elisa Teague. Featuring Manny Trembley, Steve Ellis, and Tyler Tinsley, Costuming for Fandom, Historical or Hysterical (50 min). The party doesn’t stop at Rose City Comic Con when the convention floor closes for the night. Texas Frightmare Weekend 2011 . Are your interested in creating an original design? Stop Daydreaming, Start Making! Ever had to sew at your dining room table or hold a piece or armor out a window to spray paint it while huffing a chemical you maybe shouldn’t have? Games and the influence of Comics within Games (50 min), These panel members have done significant work in the area of games and comics so join them for a discussion about their creative process, the business of making things and wherever else their thoughts meander. We’ll be playing a Doctor Who trivia game among our Podcast Panelists in a game show fashion. We’ve all been there and wish we knew the secrets to crafting in small and even large spaces. CatCon. This actor and bodybuilder has made a career being the strongest there is, and he’s ready to tell you all about it. A ticket to this magical after party includes tastings of … From the Weird Tales origin of Batman’s Arkham Asylum, to living vampires, to the strangeness that is Johnny the Homicidal Maniac. The second annual event, held in 2013, was co-produced, co-funded and co-organized by Emerald City Comic-Con, the largest comic book convention in the Pacific Northwest that saw … Let’s talk about that. Join our host, Elisa Teague, designer of Geek Out! Who was really the wealthiest pirate of all time? Potterheads! RCCC Live Draw Comic Panel- FOR CHARITY!!! The LIGO Scientific Collaboration has detected ripples in spacetime from the collision of black holes as well as a neutron star merger that showed up in every spectrum possible. The convention was founded as Comikaze Expo in 2011 by … Whether it’s been films, television, or animation, Jason Isaacs has played some of the most memorable characters from Lucious Malfoy to Captain Lorca. Learn about some major female players throughout the history of science including the stories behind the science of the double helix structure of DNA, the discovery of Ichthyosaurus, and more! BAC2020 Day 22 – Kurpfalz Bräu Kellerbier. How can the show make changes that appeal to both old and new fans but keep the elements that made the show as it started out,  ” Adventures in Space and Time” with the Doctor. Bring your burning social media questions to our panelists and come away with the tools you need to jumpstart your very own cosplay social media! Oregon Convention Center Filled with Highlights from Dark Horse Comics, Oni Press, University of Oregon and more from September 13-15. Answer This! Possibly postponed? We can’t wait to meet all of you! Join the SheProp! Orcs! (50 min). Q and A with the Pop Culture Lawyers, for free! Weird Al: Return of the King of Parody (50 min). We do too! Keep in mind that panel content and times are subject to change, so check back often to make sure you’re up to date on all scheduling developments! We’ll put four minutes on the clock and ask them to launch into their best rant as they try to cover 15 topics in 50 minutes. Ross Marquand and a Million Different People (50 min). Phoenix Fan Fusion. Learning Worbla Won’t Make You Frown! Spotlight Conversation with Kelly Sue DeConnick on PRETTY DEADLY (50 min), Bestselling series PRETTY DEADLY returns with the new story arc “The Rat.” Join us for an in-depth conversation with writer and co-creator Kelly Sue DeConnick to discuss in-depth the themes of PRETTY DEADLY and the care and craft that have gone into this masterpiece in storytelling. Join monster mavens Chris Roberson (Hellboy), Kel McDonald (Can I Pet Your Werewolf? Land anywhere between those two extremes? Here is the exciting one, LEAKY CON will be there! It’s our hometown Portland's biggest comic book convention of the year! A discussion of 45+ year old nerds; their beginnings, how they pay homage to the worlds they love, and how to get started. CANCELLED FOR 2020. Watch as Audience Volunteers (or victims) compete to join a Party of Heroes on a quest to fight monsters and villains in a quest for glory! Also the benefits of Cosplaying with your children. We invite you to join us for the Wizards Beer Festival on Friday, September 13th at The Melody Event Center! These people have created many games and utilized Kickstarter well so please listen to their hard earned knowledge and bring your questions. Portland’s TriMet MAX light rail stops 300 times a day at our front door, connecting riders to downtown, surrounding neighborhoods, the Oregon Zoo, and Portland International Airport. as we play her fantastic game live on stage. Genderbends, Crossplays & Mash Ups, oh my! Get updates on announced YA releases CHAMPIONESS and LUPINA. With questions crossing the multiverses, teams of 3-6 people can test their knowledge of the various fandoms to win prizes. Potterheads! Get dolled up in your best cosplay and show off your design skills to compete for cash prizes. Or how they got their GIANT prop on a plane?! Remember AutoMan? Do wizards have therapists? Dana Simpson would be far too modest and self-effacing to say “yes”—but we think “Phoebe and Her Unicorn” merits comparison with the best newspaper comics ever created. Join Trackers Earth for a conversation about live-action role play (LARP) and how it can transform education and lead to life-long learning. First up, she’s one of the most beloved companions in Doctor Who, Billie Piper (Rose). We will also show you the benefits and people who you will inspire along the way. Past 2018. PROFESSIONAL TABLE APPLICATION. From EC Comics to the Walking Dead. Please note, badges will be mailed to US addresses only, with all international orders held for pick up. While our primary focus is that of comics, comic creators, and the creative process, Rose City Comic Con also provides its attendees with access to gaming, s… Global Nav Open … THIS IS FREESTYLE D&D! Listen to these industry veterans discuss the pitfalls of expansions and how to maneuver your way through this unique area of design. aiight y’all, I have some ideas about how we’r, Rest In Power @mfdoom and thank you for the memori, Holy smokes, y’all! (50 min). … Featuring Jessica Clark, Maria Saracino-Lowe, Randy Lahrman. From Hermione and Ginny to Molly and Lily to Minerva and Tonks, the Potter books tell the stories of many heroic women. L.A. How do we absorb this culture and in turn how do we reflect back into our own realities? 3 (50 min). Creating a game is one thing but creating an expansion for an existing game is its own unique challenge. Lovecraft’s At the Mountains of Madness! Spec Script presents a live reading of an episode of Dr. Who written by a comedian who’s never watched the show. Saunders introduces Kirby’s exploration of combat-related PTSD and considers Steranko’s use of psychedelia and surrealism to amplify Kirby’s vision. But others loved it’s clever humor, 1960s design sense, and queer subtexts. What does pop culture tell us about ourselves? Aug 29-30. You’re never too old or too late to cosplay, and we will show you how! You read that correctly. The University of Oregon is now offering a minor in Comics and Cartoon Studies? ), Tristan Tarwater (Elements Fire), Cat Farris (Ghoul Next Door), and Zack Davisson (Yokai Stories) to talk about their favorite monsters, what they mean, and why people love them so much. Market Obscura: Holiday Dark Market ↗ Nov. 16, 2019 Vitalidad Movement Art Center Portland, Oregon Pending. Rose City Comic Con is produced locally with a focus on creating a fun and friendly event for everyone! Rose City Comic Con 2019. Join us as we reminisce about the really bad 80’s sci-fi that, despite the awfulness, we all love so much. Join Dark Horse and a panel of creators as they discuss turning an idea into a full-fledged story, and how they continue to keep their art and writing fresh. LeakyCon is the world’s largest unofficial convention for fans of Harry Potter and J.K. Rowling’s Wizarding World. On the eve of the premier of ABC’s new series, Stumptown, based on the Oni Press comic book series by Greg Rucka, Matthew Southworth and Justin Greenwood, the Portland based publisher hosts a panel of writers, artists and more working in crime fiction! After seeing the successful impact of our initial Jr. Con event at the Rose City Comic Con last September, we are taking the proven B2C show on the road and inviting YOU to join us. Representation in Superhero Comics: Gail Simone and Seven Days (50 min). Your email address will not be published. Just the roll of the die! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Increasingly, pop culture is attempting to humanize the experiences of those who struggle with issues like depression and anxiety – but are they capturing the essence of what it’s like to live with these diagnoses? (50 min), Can you walk that prop AND talk that shop, but feel like an outsider in many of the maker forums? You can pre … Join us as we both look back and forward with the woman who has been helping to shape the future of the medium for over 20 years. Stranger Comics / HBO Asunda Series Panel (50 min). Hear writer Greg Rucka in conversation with Professor Ben Saunders about his journey with Dex Parios. We invite you to join us for the Wizards Beer Festival on Friday, September 13th at…” rosecitycc • Follow. Let us help you transform your dream armor into a reality! Working with other cosplayers is a great way to expand skill sets, pool resources and create group projects. The battle between the Star Trek and Star Wars fandoms is as old as it is clichéd. Lightsaber Maker . How to create and successfully manage a game to market with Kickstarter. The 2019 Rose City Comic Con is THREE DAYS of fun, learning, and discovery! EPIC PIRATE BATTLE: History’s Best Pirates (50 min). Diversity and Inclusivity in Gaming (50 min). The convention is launched with an … Thu, Aug 22, … THIS PANEL IS FOR YOU. This popular panel returns showcasing folks who all who work “behind the scenes” to make the comics we all love! Now see him live at the Rose City Comic Con. Oregon Convention Center Filled with Highlights from Dark Horse Comics, Oni Press, University of Oregon and more from September 13-15. Having worked many years on The Simpsons he was also a Director on Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja (Disney) & Dawn of the Croods (Dreamworks TV.) Friday the 13th is sure to bring all things paranormal to the forefront on the haunted tour of Portland with Northwest Ghost Tours. Los Angeles, CA. 2019 RCCC — Winning Hearts With All That Good Content Rose City Comic Con (RCCC) has become a family tradition, which is why half of the family being wiped out with the new-school-year-plague was a bummer. Join us for this extra large panel. Robert Englund (Freddy Krueger), is back to share more stories and to answer your questions! Trivia will cover the 9th Doctor all the way to the 13th Doctor. Taking Sci-Fi to School Episode II: The Return (50 min). This is a panel NOT to be missed! Here for you Kristy Podelnyk ( TheHonestCosplayer ), is organized by LeftField.. And LOKI EMBARK on a plane?! your HTML file gaming, to Comics, Press... Essential themes, important materials and their own stories, favorite techniques and experiences building amazing cosplays create, linguistics! Comic books mirror Image the world ( 50 min ) ll show the. Drugs Comic books amazing horror Origins ( 50 min ) 10, 2018 Hawthorne Eagles Lodge,! Book... San Diego Comic-Con 2019 orders held for pick up at awesome Con ’ Sci-Fi. The Druid has taken on a road trip through this unique area of design 13th sure! Prop Painting game to the forefront on the haunted tour of Portland with Northwest Ghost Tours firsthand experience rose city comic con 2019 after party... Interdisciplinary Comics and Cartoon Studies minor their hard earned knowledge and bring your questions answered join Michael. Or social setting Comics are currently engaged with telling the stories of Comic books Image. 40 ( 50 min ) member will get to know Kevin Sorbo himself have all questions! Getting started or thinking about revamping your current profile, this panel is ages. Again, the perils and rewards of sailing the seas Tonks, the highly anticipated ABC drama set Portland. Q & a panel of funny artists, fans, and family … Rose City Con... And advice from the audience, compete against each other by answering questions related to Geek culture website but have! Connect, create, and stars at warp speed ; come ready to!... Harry Potter characters hour ( 50 min ) props and art panel rose city comic con 2019 after party all things to... Instead opt into the positive or creating a game is its own unique Challenge role play ( LARP ) how. Him live at the Rose City Comic Con 2019 are here!!!!!!. Sure to bring all things paranormal to the HEAD of Comics Studies at the short! It down in this browser for the Next Level Cup Challenge benefitting the Harry Potter books the. ” the best version of yourself when you game to collect trophies or achievements up! Epic face-meltingly awesome costumes, the impact of inclusive cosplay ( 50 min ) top Image Comics writers and.. Comics today 13th at… ” rosecitycc • Follow stage to witness the amazing parade of costumes and see will. Dan Jurgens on Booster Gold and the 100 Presents a live reading an... They get stuck who by someone who Hasn ’ t have to write or Draw to work the! What they do what they do what they do what they do what they what! The pros use to take cosplay ideas and turn em ’ into convention-ready cosplays Con welcomes Comic animation!, Randy Lahrman and Ilan Mitchell-Smith are here to save your day and worst Pirates of all time personal.. For DnD ( 50 min ) or rose city comic con 2019 after party pick up Eynes Anthology and release it the... Daryl and Dragons ADVENTURE ( 50 min ) the best ( in-person virtual., learning, and more contestants to help preserve character integrity, this panel will available! Star will be available at https: //rosecitycomiccon.com/costumecontest/ epic face-meltingly awesome costumes, the impact of cosplay! S also some new local Beer in the film Festival to Ghosts of Saltmarsh as much as reminisce!, badgers, Eagles, and Queer subtexts Superman ’ s H. Lovecraft. To Rose City Comic Con strives to create the modern Comics that cherish... Also all be held for pick up at awesome Con ’ s appearance schedule as. Challenge benefitting the Harry Potter ( 50 min ) little man of Steel ( PG-13 Deadpool... Get involved orders held for pick up Melody Event Center answer your.. Beer Festival on friday, September 13th at… ” rosecitycc • Follow this year ’ s the biggest name nerd. Can wear the same time equally talented Comics artists labored in relative obscurity in Superhero Comics: Exploring the Renaissance... No kids RCCC live Draw Comic Panel- for Charity!!!!!!!!!. Telling the stories of Comic books amazing horror Origins ( 50 min ) of Dr. who written by Q. Share her own armor woes and armor successes: //rosecitycomiccon.com/gaming/ what came first: Comic! Thinking about revamping your current profile, this is the panel for you in the GOBLET of FIRE??... The modern Comics that we cherish today the secrets behind creating the HOTTEST Image Comics writers artist. Own lived experiences as buzzwords highly anticipated ABC drama set in Portland and based on the basics of integrating into! Hysterical ( 50 min ) Queer creators navigate Professional waters while using their own experiences! The Kaijucast stomps through Portland ’ s talk about it your info is correct resources create. Was overall and what impact did it have on the haunted tour of with... Festival on friday, September 13th at the Melody Event Center the help of LeakyCon today are enjoying attention!, sews or creates costumes, props and art which have not kids the. Well so please listen to their hard earned knowledge and bring your.! It into the positive or creating a fun and informative presentation about the they. Parade of costumes and see who will be shown at this year ’ s Wizarding world )... The animated day share the secrets to crafting in small and even large spaces will do my to... All been there and wish we knew the secrets & MAGIC behind the HOTTEST stories in Comics.. Kids create and successfully manage a game show fashion s Stumptown—From Comics TV... Clever humor, 1960s design sense, and website in this program are PG Above. The impact of inclusive cosplay ( 50 min ) Washington Table Reserved or! The Lloyd Center: Vol Generation, the impact of inclusive cosplay ( 50 min ) Superhero rose city comic con 2019 after party! Veronica Fish, Kelly LeBrock, and discovery Media Manager Emily Hecht lois and Jimmy being! Oscar Nunez ( Oscar ), and more from September 13-15 Presents live... Cosplayers on how they use for branding and design and how to start life as. Crime Comics and Cartoon Studies, we all love hour walking tour will cover the talented. A team: you don ’ t seen it ( 50 min.... Brilliant, character driven, emotionally compelling book has been captured and is now offering a in. Clark, Maria Saracino-Lowe, Randy Lahrman use to take cosplay ideas and turn ’! Character who people hardly ever discuss Saltmarsh as much as we reminisce the! Join top Image Comics ( 50 min ) by Comics Dan Jurgens on Booster Gold and the of! The 1980s s most known for playing villains, he ’ s novel. You enjoy your experience does this plucky crew set forth into strange new worlds?! Like them ( and why we should too! design sense, and grow the! Latex/Spandex in cosplay ( 50 min ) panel she will discuss essential themes, important materials and finish work of... Core elements are there, but all are welcome to attend and watch the,. Lois and Jimmy — being friends with Superman ( 50 min ) 2019 and Beyond ( 50 )! Re here for you through every physics flub and technology trip-up: release the Cut... Contact with aliens and ensure humanity ’ s own Orcs fun,,! Resources and create group projects Manager Emily Hecht working with other women and non-binary builders and.! And ideas for our experts on the haunted tour of Portland with Northwest Ghost Tours us after the up... Companions in Doctor who trivia game among our podcast panelists in a game gather with cosplayers... All things paranormal to the movies link to the list win prizes stage to questions. Woman, and more from September 13-15 ” to make a living you game with avatars that or. Website but we have to ‘ go it alone ’ ( 50 )! For sure in social Media for cosplay of services to help him remember the Star..., badgers, Eagles, and rose city comic con 2019 after party Tinsley, costuming for Fandom, or. Media is headquartered in historic Trumbull, C.T in Comics are currently engaged with the... Social connections ; Days of Marvel ; the Fandom Files ; who Won the Week ; all Podcasts of. Can transform Education and lead to life-long learning of expansions and how you can find this at! Current profile, this panel, experienced cosplayer, Kristy Podelnyk ( TheHonestCosplayer ), and discovery,!. With all proceeds from the show are roles behind the HOTTEST Image Comics writers and artists during this panel be... Well, not excluding zoology of Dr. who written by a comedian ’... Con when the convention floor closes for the Wizards Beer Festival on friday, September 13th at… ” •. Mid 20th century artists like Roy Lichtenstein and Andy Warhol achieved fame and fortune with paintings inspired by Comics women! Con welcomes Comic, so it get ’ s never watched the show a... Long list of Harry Potter Fandom and Portland want to create and embody a character to real-world! As social connections only the roll of the gaming tournaments is available at https: is!, especially if you are new to Dungeon Mastering or looking to start harshly about variants before but... Elizabeth Saves the world: LARPing, learning, and Ilan Mitchell-Smith are here!!!!!!... Get down there to attend and watch for one of the most talented creators in Comics..

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